Monday, August 26, 2013

Relay for Life 2013

Sometimes I forget.
I forget how lucky I am to be sitting here, writing about my husband.
I forget that things could have been so much worse.
I forget that kids all over the world go to bed with only one set of goodnight hugs.
I forget that I am blessed to still have him.
 I forget that people watch him talk about his survivorship, wishing he was their loved one.
I forget that this parade of survivors shrinks, and grows, daily. 
 I forget that the tears of happiness as i watch him walk by every year were once tears of fear, anguish, and hope.
 But, I do not forget that I have loved people that survived for years, or months or days.

 I do not forget that my husband's luminary is in honor of, instead of in memory of.

and i do not forget that we need all the help we can get to find a cure for this war.

Hubby is off getting his CTScan as i type. Praying that it may it be plain ol' boring normal again. 

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The Mysterioooooo Trip

On Saturday, Daddy had a plan. He told the kids to get ready, and we all piled in the van. There were a lot of questions coming from the depths of the back seat, but we weren't talking. This was a surprise trip. 
We plan on taking more of these, so we asked the kids what we should name these kinds of trips. Em came up with "Mysteriooooo", and she pretty much veto'd every other name that came along. We have yet to settle, but for now,
Myteriooooo trip #001 : Keystone Dam
We've been in a drought for what, 5 years now? So when a friend told us that they had opened the dam, daddy wanted to take the kids to see it. When we pulled up, we had NO idea what was waiting for us.
 The sidewalk that goes alongside the reservoir was almost level with the water. As the small waves hit, the water would come up over the sidewalk, and in it were THOUSANDS of shad! 

 Some of them would even jump out of the water like tiny little dolphins. 
Emma helped out a new friend catching shad for her dad, who was using them as catfish bait.
 (We decided that we also need a mysterioooooo box that comes along with us with things like nets, flip flops not of the designer kind, and other things we just may need, but who knows).
Daddy got tired of me mentioning that we needed more videos of our fam, so he strapped up the GoPro and wore it around. We got a few strange looks, but the video was PRICELESS!

 We found a fisherman that was trying to catch some shad for bait, but his net was too big. The shad would fall right through. He found that if he flung them ashore, he had a bit longer to catch them before they swam back to the water. Emma was helping catch them. (and this, my friends, is where that video footage was GOLD. GOLD, I tell you!) 
(and you totally need to sing "It's rainin' shad...hallelujah its rainin' shad...)
Evan wanted his picture by this sign. He wasn't thrilled with the fish, and the wet feet, and the smell, and the fish heads littering about, so when he asked for this picture, by George he got it! 
 We stopped by one of the roadside oddities close by - a cemetery in the middle of a shopping center parking lot. Very odd, indeed. Especially since behind me was a strip club. These ghouls know how to party!
One of the "rules" of these Mysteriooooos is that we have to eat somewhere that is unique and we've never before eaten at. So we drove around and ended up somewhere around Sapulpa or Sand Springs.
...and we ate at the Old Town Cafe. 
It wasn't great, but it wasn't gross. It had AWESOME fresh rolls, though. 

We returned home to pack up the big einstein for a slumber party and pack the boys and i for a night at the motocross races. 
Hubby's friend was racing. The track was full of obstacles and mud and jumps and bumps. It was pretty cool.

 Evan and my favorite part was the 4-wheeler races. (Although now he's asking for a mud pit in the back yard...)
We made it home in time to drop like flies on our pillows and dream of shad and mud

Thanks for the trip, hubby! We all had a BLAST! What a GREAT idea.
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Random Rambles on Running and such

So today was my first day of "walk the kids to school, run around for awhile, end back at home". I ended up running for about 30 minutes before hitting the shower. It doesn't seem all that long, really, but when you're running, geez. Am I right? For. Eh. Vuh.
I couldn't quite get my running playlist to work today, so I ended up running sans tunes and before I knew it, my brain began outrunning me. First, it was wondering how far i would get without crossing a street (now that the college kids are back, well...lets just say we're all a little safer away from the streets). It rambled on thinking of Christopher Lane and wondering what he was listening to when he was taken from this earth too soon. Did he even know what happened? Was his girlfriend sitting there at home on the couch watching his little blue dot moving around on the "Glympse" app like I do when hubby is off on a run? Would she have noticed the mph went to zero, and that blue dot was stoppped by the roadside? What if it happened to me? Am I wearing clean underwear? Who would they find in my phone to call first to ID me? Did I remember to tell everyone I loved them this morning? Aww, poor toad. I hope he didnt get squished on purpose. Pew. He smells nasty. I need to mow when I get home. Shower, then mow? Mow then shower? Where are all these cars coming from? Oh yeah, middle school starts later now. How far have a run? I wish i could run with an icee. omg this hill is going to kill me. run faster! That old couple is walking faster than you're running!! Fail. Man I wish i had my Turbo song. 
and then I thought about people. and how funny it is that sometimes God places people in your life and you don't even know why until much later. and sometimes you lose them, and sometimes they lose you, and sometimes they quietly stay, and sometimes not so quietly. When I was small, we moved away from all the extended family we had, and I missed having grandparents so very much. I had wonderful grandparents, and friends going to gpas for the weekend, or gparents day lunch at school always seemed to hurt me more than it should have. i dont think anyone else even noticed. but I did. I was going to make sure that my kids always had family nearby. No matter what.
But life has its way of pushing you and pulling you in different directions, and sometimes the best choice isn't the easiest one, and leaving my family for hubby's job at Stanford Univ was a hugely hard choice, since emma was a mere 6 months old. Now, 10 years later, we are back home and almost all the grands are relatively close and I caught myself saying that "FINALLY, I had ensured the einsteins had grandparents for grandparents day lunch and for saturday playdates and suprise visits and cute back-to-school outifts and such. And THEN, I realized, I hadn't really lost that at all. God had placed us across the street from "Brown Granma" in California. She loved Em like her own. She would praise the skies with her first steps, her first words, and her first day of school. Brown Gpa would sing opera in the mornings while dusting off his car and Em and I would giggle and I would almost burst the mornings that she tried to sing along. She HAD grandparents the whole time, and i didn't even think twice about it.
Now that we've returned, and the einsteins have their grands, I realized that I had found my own as well. After my Gma Mable passed away (who i had adopted in college), it left a void that I think hubby was a little tired of hearing about. It was almost like her stories growing up never left, and I would tell them over and over again to whoever would listen. But then we met the Phillips, and that void was filled in just a bit by these two wonderful people and their weenie dog, Lucy. 
(don't ask - he was mad about a dessert, and i'll leave it at that.)
This was at their 60th wedding anniversary party a couple weeks ago. Oh, I cannot WAIT until that's where hubby and I are. Sitting in our church, surrounded by all the family and friends that love us so much and have watched us grow with each other for SIXTY years! Be still my heart!
I'm a little sad, though.
They're making an AWESOME move back to Ohio with their daughter, who was offered a fabulous job at one of the universities there, and I can't be any more happy for them, but I hate to see them go, my sweet little Okie grandparents.
Although I love my grands stretched all across the world, I'm now accepting resumes to fill the local spot.. Anyone want to adopt an adult granddaughter and her family?!? No experience needed, but cookies are a plus! :)

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Amongst the chaos of life that is our house... the einsteins have begun their new school year!
 baby girl is in her last year of elementary school, which is a constant source of saddness and self diagnosis of Alzheimers (where did the time GO?!?). Evan is running pre-k as a big kid this year instead of the tiniest one like last year (we call it pre-k2), and they both are enjoying this - the one and only year they will EVER both be at the same school - thoroughly. 
 It's SO nice to be able to walk them down the hill to school this year, all together, talking about the adventures they might have this day, or the memories of yesterday that were forgotten until now. We also have some friends down the street that we walk with, and we love to hear how their school days pass as well (and gives me company on the way back home!)

Happy new school year, my loves!
I love you so very much, and I can't wait to hear about your day away!
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$500 REWARD! Lost Dog!

Please be on the lookout for our dear friend, (and fellow dog-named-after-a-harry-potter-character) Neville James!
He has been missing for over a week now & his family misses him with a great sadness.
He was staying with grandma while his momma was away on a trip and disappeared from the yard. We're not sure if he wandered, was taken, or was off on an adventure, but please keep an eye out for him!

Please help bring answers to Neville's sweet mommy. I just *know* he wants to be back home with her!!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

There was an old lady...

...and that old lady decided to run one evening instead of the morning, because, well you know, stuff happened and with it being August and all, perhaps the threat of june bugs had passed, and it was to be a nice evening, and maybe, just maybe, my hubby would get to run alongside me. But that old lady ended up going alone because the black cat manor needed more work and as she ran with her mouth gasping for air like a fish outta water, she SWALLOWED A FIREFLY. Oh yes, I couldnt make this stuff up, folks.
I swallowed a firefly.
Now, had you been watching from inside your house, you'd see a gal in day-glow yellow running perfectly on pace with the running version of "That Snail is Fast" from the TURBO movie (which, by the way, YES.), when allofasudden, she grabs her throat, her eyes pop out far enough to shock a pug, and screaming commences while her legs suddenly go insane, trying to both run at once and not at all, followed by some stumbling, and if you were lucky enough to be watching from the house directly next to me, you see me trip into your ditch, fall onto one hand, do that weird, run with big steps while almost falled down thing, gather myself again, and keep running on, muttering.
It would have been a brilliant show. BRILLIANT. 
(Had it not happened to me.) 

But, as it were, I was the lucky one. I was perfectly pacing my steps with that song. It was going to be great. I mean, after all, you can't help but be inspired by a fast snail, no? I was panting like a dog at this point, lap 2 usually has me barely lifting my feet, but i was bearing down for the long haul, when, out of the blue, I see a bright light heading right towards me. It wasn't a car, and it wasn't God, but by the time I realized what it was, it was already in the back of my throat. I tried to cough it out, but it was stuck to the dry, sticky flesh at the back of my mouth. "I'll swallow and it'll wet my mouth, and I'll SPIT the darn thing out!", I thought, but obviously, that was one of those ideas that proves to yourself that under fire, you'd totally fail. I had swallowed the firefly.
Commence the screams.
I can no longer concentrate on my steps. There were left on their own like a stagecoach with two horses that wanted to go different directions. Ah well, it doesnt matter. I'll probably die here anyway. They'll call 911 when they find me, but no one will bother to tell my family. They'll see that my throat is glowing green and suspect alien activity. they'll send me off to area 51 and no one will ever know where I went. I'll be a star on the ID channel because I went missing in a nice hood in a safe town one nice evening. 
Even if I DO survive, I'll probably get some weird disease that makes me glow and I'll be shunned from society for life, but ah well. Whatever. (and besides, arent fireflies ENDANGERED?!!? Pretty sure i could be arrested for killing an endangered species...)
I make it home all but for 10 seconds or so when my IT band got so bad I had to stop, since the catbus nor the nightbus came from their fairytales to fetch me. 
I won't run in the evenings again. No, sir. 
The dangers are too great.

So, on to other adorable randomness...
Here's the new 5 year old zippin around while I mowed the lawn.

That otta get you through the day with some warm fuzzies. 
Have a great week!

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Saturday, August 10, 2013


While driving in the van, the quiet was too much to bear for someone. We hear the following from the littlest one ...

"Well, does anyone wanna smell my feet?"


"They smell like apple piiiiiieeee..."

Which was when the silence was broken with laughter.
Little boys.
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Hello, August!

I'm not quite sure how it got here, this august. really. I think of all the summers ever in my 35 years, this one has probably gone by the fastest. not ready to lose my kids to school, that's for sure! I enrolled them last week. It always astonishes me that public school is free, yet I walk out of there having written over $300 in checks. Now, granted there are yearbooks and t-shirts and the lot to shell out for, but the school supply fee of $35/kid is plain ridiculous. I guess as a teacher/mom, you know you can get all their supplies for about an eighth of that cost if you shop right, but whatever. Sign on the line and move on, sista.

Our plan of ditching the extra curricular activities to rein in our tween seemed to work pretty well, and, as promised, we will let them loose on one sport and one "other" for the year. This proves hard for the emster. She's torn, but I think she's decided on soccer and guitar. I was a little sad to see her veer from running with me, I will miss our conversations under sweaty, panting breaths. But so is life, and she is spreading those wet wings of hers. Ev is more ...blah?...about the whole thing? He's good with whatever. Em's doing soccer? Sounds good. Sign me up. He'll be an easy one.

This house.
Oh, this house.
Where do i start? (No, really...)
We have had a giant blue dumpster permanently affixed to our driveway for almost a month already! After the moldy floor was removed and replaced, we have been pulling the cabinets out as time allows and adding them to the belly of the big blue beast. It's been storming quite regularly in these here parts as well, so the limbs of trees affected by the last few years of drought have added to the pile as well. The entryway floor has been pulled out and replaced as well, and a new front door is in the works (hopefully before those "first day of school" pictures make their debut!).

I'm not a fan of you, hot, sticky Augustus. You symbolize yucky weather, the end of summer vacation, and mark the growth of the two little einsteins for another year of back-to-school days. BUT, you are the gateway to fall, my favorite time of year. The king koopa I must defeat before I get to the next level.
Buckle up, momma bear. The war has begun!!

Happy August!

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