Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The littlest einstein

He's almost FIVE.
I remember this point when it hit me with Emma.
Five just seems like a HUGE step from four. 
Like baby to kid.
Or something like that.
(something DEPRESSING, like that!)
We took our annual pilgrimage to Toys R Us for the birthday trip (after the LEGO store, of course)
 The hottest toys on the Evan list this year (besides a "big kid power wheels") :
 The snails from the new movie, TURBO. We got him these packs, the rest were sold out!
Who wouldda thought...

So, I'm not sure how long I can get him to do this before he yells at me for embarrassing him, but here is the birthday boy, ready to shop!
almost 5!
 My peanut in the years past...
(you know you love this...)
almost 4...

almost 3...

almost 2!
Isn't it sadly adorable?!?

Off to enjoy my 4 year old for a few more days!
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  1. Ah, I had a rough time with 5. I completely get it. It is no longer the age of "toddler." They have big things like school and friends and . . . . K will be 10 this year. Again, I believe that I will have a small heart attack. :deep breath:

    I get ya sister. In the meantime, ENJOY CAKE! Have a wonderful birthday! This will be the last year that I believe that you will score that cart picture. ;)

  2. I love the cart pictures from years past! Sam thinks 5 is one of the biggest, most important birthdays there is, at least in the eye of a kid.


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