Thursday, July 18, 2013

THE kilopost

There are a few unpublished "private" posts, hidden in the jungle of published posts in my deepest inner core of what is blogger, (you kids will still read them, I WILL will WILL remember to print them for your books!), but aside from that, this very post is the celebration that is the kilopost. 1000th blog post on this here ol' blog o' mine. (I just threw a fistful of confetti in the air).
It's a milestone, peoples. A thousand transcripts etched in the new age stone tablets. I could seriously give the salt sea scrolls a run for the money! ;)

Aaaaaaanyway, so Evan and I have been DYING of allergies, even when the weather was good and the levels were low, and upon removal of the dishwasher, we found out why. Apparently the pipes, and dishwasher, and faucet had been leaking for quite some time, and the entire subfloor and drywall half way up were soaked to the core with old water. And old water had bred our good ol' vices, the mold. (waht waaaaah)
 In the end, all the subfloor and half of the drywall up was torn out (today!) and the mold has been sprayed and we are just waiting now.
So while the spores make their way throughout, I have been keeping the einsteins away from home. Yesterday was a treat for them, as we made our way to White Water Bay for a day in the sun.
Emma & Niecey really really really liked the slides.

 ...and Evan and I hung out in the little pools and lazy river.

 After a ride on "The Big Kahuna", we cashed in Evan's bribe to ride it (let's face it, we do what we gotta do, even if it means uber expensive ice cream in the end!)


The kids LOVED it, and lets just say it was a VERY quiet drive home (in between a chorus of snores) ;)

I had a super slidey fun day with you guys.
Thanks for choosing me for your mommy!
I love you.

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  1. Do you have a groovy underwater camera or some clear point that you could take a picture of them like fish in a tank? Either way, cool!

    I'm so glad that you were able to find your source of allergeezin'. Yikes with the repair, but glad that it can be fixed!

    1. I DO have a groovy underwater cam!! (One of those *supposed* indestructible ones that I got after the kids drowned/dropped/sand filled its predecessors!)
      And YES it's fixable! (Happy dance!) I'm kinda anxious to see the difference!

  2. Happy 1000th! Looks like a wonderful time at the water park. Thanks for stopping by to visit :)

  3. Looks like everyone had fun! I'm so glad you chose to wear a sensible swim suit instead of embarrassing your daughter. ;)


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