Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Reading Awards!

This was the first summer that both little einsteins have been able to read on their own, so it made it a bit more special for the littlest one. He has been reading his simple little books all on his own, sounding out those letters in the words, and beaming with pride when he finishes. 
Emma has always been my reader. She has her nose constantly shoved into a book, and i love that about her. It reminds me of my dad when i was small. He was always reading. Now I see her all curled up in the back of the van or on the couch, and I wish i could see where she is. A faraway land? A forrest of fairies? A school full of worm-eating cheerleaders? Don't you wish you could just jump right in and go along?
So yesterday, they got awards for reading at least 10 hours this summer. Emma knocked out that goal about 2 weeks in, when the internet was still away and there was no TV, but Evan worked HARD to get that 10 hours, and barely squeaked by! SO proud of them both.

You guys are amazing.
Congratulations, and we are so very proud of our little bookworms!
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  1. Hooray! My K plows through books. Kiddo gets herself in trouble (as I hate to say that) because the kid won't put the book down to fall asleep! A good problem to have!


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