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July! (and the LONGEST blog post EVER!)

Ummm, so first of all, hello! and all that. How long has it been? Ida know, feels like FOR EV UH. But, there's been a lot going on here in these here parts, and i bet you'll understand once i fill you in on it all.
It's JULY! That means SUMMER BREAK! This is my fav because I have my little einsteins all to myself during the days. It's the time for impromptu bug hunts, picnics, sprinkler runs, and all things summerish. Summer is the one time during the year that this control freak-must-stay-on-schedule mom lets it all hang out on the whatever bus. late nights catching fireflies, ice cream at 9pm, brownies for breakfast (hey! they have eggs in them! don't judge!) ;). It's all good here. (and you need to go back and read that in Filmore the hippie van's voice if you didn't already)
We didn't make an official bucket list this year, but partially because we are in a state of limbo, and partially because, well, im being lazy in the oklahoma heat.
So, to bring you up to date (in a rushed, cliff notes version...)
I left you in mid april as things got a little crazy because in March, this happened:
Our home was put up for grabs!
It was beautiful, and bright, and happy and the best house EVER.
But we sadly had outgrown it, and it was time to move on.
And we did just that all march long as we kept it uncommonly clean for people to see. I prayed for a perfect fit. A family with young kids who would enjoy the swingset and the sand box and the happiness that resided there.
We kept life as usual. The kids were still in school and although the stress was killing me, we kept calm and lived on. 
OSU orange & black scrimmage day!
 Before we knew it, April had arrived.
 and among the mustaches of bacon thrown in here and there...
...we got an offer.
A GREAT offer.

and our neighbors cried, and we cried.
we would miss the friends that we had made in the neighborhood SO very much.
We had threats of people in the night coming in the dark to steal our sign away, but the combo of an offer after 3 weeks and them being over 80 caused the offer to come anyway, and we made a pact to enjoy the time we had left there.
We all ran the OKC Memorial Run that weekend. 

 Emma's friend, Alex met us early that morning to run with us.
 My I.T. bands gave out around the 2 mile mark, 
but before that, I was haulin' tail!
(yes, i really was THAT person, instagramming as i ran.)
I hobbled painfully all the way in. The medic carts stopped me every time asking if they could take me to the end, but being the stubborn a$$ i am, I was bound and determined to finish the race on my own, even if i was last. who cared. I was wearing an extra bib number on my back for a little boy killed in the bombing named Elijah, and i was going to finish for him. and me. and my kids, who were waiting by the finish line to watch me cross.
i called my friend to see where they were,a nd once I got in view, I started running all the way in. My knees felt like they were being stabbed by knives every beat of the shoe on the ground, but I smiled and waved and waited until i got into the hoardes of folks at the finish line before wincing in pain and sitting down for a bit.
it was bad.
 After a bit of painful stretching and resting, the kids ran the last mile of their full marathon.
and i got some new shoes.
 Evan had a farm day at school one day. i couldn't come. the end of the year is uber busy for a teacher, and i couldnt take off that morning, but a sweet friend went and captured these photos for me. Evan told me all about them:
"I was holding a baby chickee" 
"We were trying to swing a rope and get it on this cow, but it was really a suitcase with a cow head. I never got it because you were supposed to gt its horns, but they were in front" 
 "we were practicing how to ride a horse. I wore my cowboy boots"
 "I rode winnie the pooh. It was fun because i had my cowboy hat and boots"
 "I was petting Snow White. He is a dog that looks like Snowball (a friends dog), but bigger"
 "we put paint on our fingers and then we painted Winnie the Pooh!"

 (apparently Winnie the Pooh gre quite a bit while he was there!)
"Me holding the baby chickees!!"
What a fun day you had, little Evan!!

The next weekend, we ran in the Piece Walk for Autism. Our team, Cowboys for Ayden got new shirts this year and they were BRIGHT orange!

 I wasnt sure if I would be able to run after the ITB injury the last weekend, but I wasn't about to let Ayden (or his mom!) down. 
Me & Ev ♥
 Team Ayden

Wanna join us for the 2014 run (or walk?!) It will be on May 3rd, 2014.
Join our team!! We'd LOVE to have you!

Meanwhile THIS happened...
Since we weren't expecting our house to sell in 4 weeks, we had to move into a storage unit and stay with friends until we could get into the new place.
So April left, and May arrived. My bulletin board was hibernating, and the height and weight card was lookin' AWESOME like this:

I closed out the year with my pre-k class with an animal lady that one of the parents had found.
Teachers go to great lengths to teach their kids there's nothing to be scared of.
(when really i was TOTALLY peeing my pants a little bit)
 My Emma was sent home with a fever the day before, so she had to miss the first half of the last day of 4th grade and this SO made up for it. She was pretty bummed she wasn't able to celebrate with all her friends. 
 Ev had a graduation party out at Winnie-the (growing) Pooh's farm.

 Biggest. Seesaw. EVER.

 We LOVE LOVE LOVE these teachers!!
 Evan and his last-day-of-school ladies.
 ...and Synnove.
I can't imagine 20 years from now.

My goodbye present from a student:
LEGO necklace with all four of our initials engraved in it.
LOVE it!
The end of school had come and gone and HALLELUJAH were we happy! I was retired (again), the kids were home, and it was time for an end-of-school campout!
We all drove up to the Great Salt Plains Park and set up camp in the *best* area in the park. 
 There were four families there, which is a pretty darn good turnout for a three hour warning on an impromptu camping trip!
 Me & becs.
 Our tent and what we could find in storage of our camping gear was set up!
 Look! Hogwarts ceiling! 
(if only...*sigh*)
 My stud with an axe.

 We were about 6 feet from the water, which was a sand bar at least 100 yards out. The kids could literally walk out until they looked like ants!
(not that they did, because, well, you know im pretty paranoid...)

 Baby J showed up after dinner, and Emma was SO happy to see him!

Happy marshmallow! 
 The next morning was cold and cold.
Sam made a yummy breakfast that warmed us all up!
 Once the sun came up, the kids got back into the water.

 Soon, it was time to head home, and Em grabbed a shot of us grown-ups.
(this is way less than flattering, but hey, its history, folks!)
 A couple of us headed out to the salt plains to crystal dig again.

 obviously, i didn't wander too far from the car. But i was tired, and dirty, and i remembered how it felt to drive home salty and sandy the last time we had come and i wasnt willing to do it again.
I know.
Lame mommy.

After Memorial Day, we slowly made the month long move into our new house.
 It was sad to leave all the flowers there that I had planted so carefully, patting each ones soil with a small prayer of protection from drought and bugs and such.

 I made a video for you kids touring the house on our last day. I'll put it on a DVD and stick it in the back of your books for you to watch one day, hoping you never forget your first home.
 Our new house wasn't a far drive.
Just over the pond...
to where the pine trees grow tall, and the little einteins cabin is nestled safely inside them.

 Our rocking chairs sat happily on the porch as the outside work began.
First, a new roof. 
 Our siding went up after the roof, and piers were put in, and trees were trimmed and flowers were planted.
and the castro academy had its first session in the big backyard outside.

 The inside has a LOT of work to be done.
But for now, the kids rooms are painted their choice of colors, and the rest will wait until i lose them back to school in another month. (sniffle sniffle)
and THAT, my friends, is where I have been hiding
(PLUS, i didnt even have internet access before this past weekend!! yikes!)

now take a deep breath.
i think you survived the longest blog post EVER!
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  1. Camping trip = I'm officially jealous!! :D

  2. Been missing you. ;) What a wonderful new home. Can't wait for the "tour".

  3. So glad you are back in blog land!!! Enjoyed catching up with you! Err, I mean... Enjoyed stalking your blog once again :)

  4. Man, that WAS a long post... that brought back lots of memories.


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