Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy July 4th Weekend!

Before this great country of ours celebrated its' birthday, we celebrated my niece turning the big ONE. 
(aren't little diaper-clad babies the bees knees? LOVE!)
 Evan celebrated the joyous occasion by throwing water discs at the other party goers.
well, of course he did.
 I took the kids (plus a few more) to the oklahoma city zoo to celebrate not the 4th of July, but the cooler weather that was a high of 83. 
Did you hear me?
okay, you're not impressed. fine.
but, good lord, that was nice!
and so, instead of sanding the porch posts, off we went to see lions, tigers and bears
(just say it. you know you want to.)
 Have I introduced you to evster's new photo pose?
I don't know exactly what to call it.
 We rode the zoo boat from baby Malee the elephant's enclosure to the aquatics building. I'm almost as smitten with Malee as i am about baby Suri Cruise, and so when I was outvoted 5 to 1 that we ride the very next boat (which would mean skipping Malee's area altogether), i cried a little bit to myself and shrugged my shoulders and thought. "Hey! It's SUMMER! Live a little! Go to the zoo without seeing [gasp!] baby Malee!", and I still cried a bit as the boat headed off, but it was a fun ride. It always is when the drivers crash into docks. No really. It is. Us Castros. Give us some crashing on a boat or turbulence in a plane and we're downright happy with life. Watch out world should Ev become a NASCAR driver one day. Jeff Gordon will have NOTHING on that kid.
 The stingray bay was still under construction, so we settled for petting some horseshoe crabs and starfish.
 look at the adorable monkeys!

 The night before independence day, the einsteins and their little cousin (the 3Es) stayed the night at Grandad & Grandar's cabin. 
Over the next 24 hours I got pictures of this...
...and pictures of this: 
 (not pictured: the whole 1st floor below them. They are having dinner on the ROOF!)

While the kids were away, there was some of this:
 and some of this:
 and an early to bed kinda night for the hubby and I. 

The next morning, was our official MOVING DAY!
We moved all our things into the new house. No more storage unit! Woo hoo!
(and may I say, most of it is still there, in the stacks of boxes in the dining room. I'll update you in a year and we'll see how far I've gotten.) wink wink.

After the moving, and the showers, we picked up our goods for the annual pilgrimage to the town's fireworks show. (you know, light sticks, flashing rings, and other fun junk you can't live without!)
This year, i got them nets to go fishing with. i didn't care for what. Turtles, fish, butterflies, whatever.
(and actually the only catch that night was a firefly by evan!)
 The jai-ali set was a big hit with hubby and mini hubby.
(is that the right name for it? I have no idea...)
 and grandad got to relax after a long night of grandkid-sitting.
 I found these rainbow streamers on clearance at Target for 60 cents each. You know me and rainbows. They probably could have priced them at $60 and i still woulda bought them. 
Okay, maybe not, but still.
Dancing in the wind!
(shall we all watch the double rainbow video again?!? I mean, seriously. I get it.)
Of course, there were bubbles. 

 Last year, we missed this show. We were in Laughlin, NV. But the year before that, it was the saddest fireworks show EVER.
Hubby was stuck in the hospital. Plugged in from port to hand, and it was our first apart. 
He watched the fireworks via skype that evening. They were only secondhand, from the reflections in the kids eyes. He didn't want to see the sky lit up that year. He wanted the camera on the kids faces, which lit up more than those sparkling stars above. 
And I remember watching him. 
Watching him smile and seeing his eyes well up with tears as he watched them ooh and ahh over the sky that night. And he was so strong, and so beautiful.
He was my fireworks show that year, and I would have given anything to be laying in that hospital bed next to him.
But God always has a plan.
And that evening is now just a memory that passes through once in awhile on its way back to central storage in the heidibrain. One of those memories that reminds me of a fortune cookie with a slipof paper that says "Make Each Day Count!" or "Count your Blessings Today!" or something Confucious would say. 
It's a good thing, really.
God sends me a lot of fortune cookies. i just have to remember to read them before I swallow them up with the cookie!

My Emmasaurus:
My crazy little Ev 
 (this is a cardboard tube the light stick came in...though it reminded me of our neighbor, Mr. Gary, who chews on cigars when he does yardwork!) Hee hee!

 Happy 4th, everyone!
I hope you all had a safe and blessed weekend!

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  1. I'm so glad you got to celebrate as a family again this year! And, I love Evan's new picture pose! I might have to try it out sometime.


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