Friday, July 26, 2013


On the day that God turned the temperatures down a bit, and covered our world with a light blanket made of the softest cloud in the heavens, the einsteins and their friends wandered down to the creek to explore the world beneath our toes.
Armed with buckets of blue and nets of magic, they searched high and low for tiny miracles hiding right in front of our eyes.

Doesn't it amaze you, sometimes, when you stop and sit, how grand this earth is? How many hearts aside from ours are beating beating beating with the gift of life we've all been given? And we simply walk right over them, or under them, and never stop to think that the tiny minnow or the scurrying rolly polly that you just past was created with the same awesome hands that molded you.

what a perfect day for exploring.
(exploring both the creek and my inner core)
we all needed it.

thank you for the cool day, for the minnows, for the crawdads, for the broken trees and the red mushrooms that must have been gnome houses, and for the small ones in this life that remind me to stop and sit once in awhile, and count snails on a rock, count geese in the sky, and count blessings easily overlooked.

it was perfect.
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  1. So glad no one slid down the lake's algae-coated overflow duct!

  2. The red mushroom makes me smile. Well, and the rest of your day. Definitely a gnome. ;)


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