Friday, July 26, 2013

Croup :(

It came to pass a little after today's clock turned 1am.
Baby einstein couldnt breathe. He barked and barked and wheezed and cried, and it rendered me helpless, and frustrated, and worthless.
His nebulizer and meds were unpacked and put where they should be, but the mask was nowhere to be found. I tore the house apart, this frantic momma in her unders and tee, lights all aglow with shades open, but when your baby cant breathe you couldnt care less if the people of the night get a good ol' crazy mom in her unders throwing moving boxes around show. I never found it, and hubby, coming to the rescue as usual, held the tube up to his tiny gasping mouth the whole 20 minutes as the medicine vapored, and the wife paced and cried, and the dogs barked at the commotion, and the sister slept. 
and when it was done, he was given his allergy pill and allowed to squeeze into the bed with his tired daddy and his frazzled mommy and watch Team UmiZoomi until he finally drifted off to dreamland.
Meanwhile... his momma stayed up all night with her hand on his tiny chest, remembering his first asthma attack, clear as a bell. Making sure the breaths were coming steadily, making rhythms of the tiny heart that was beating so fast from the medicine. That tiny heart that was watched every so carefully by doctors while this tiny boy was inside my bulging belly. The most watched heart ever there was! i used to say. And 5 years later, Im wishing that i was back in that office, watching in a giant TV on the wall, the perfect beating of his heart. watching the blood flow just right through its valves, colored in red and blue.
But this momma is a little paranoid, i know.
so i watched and waited until the heartbeats slowed to sleepy mode, and the dogs snored, and the hubby rolled over on his 6 inches of mattress and slept, and bubble guppies came and went...twice...and i finally thanked God for getting us through, and closed my eyes and slept.
(sort of.)
This morning the nurse tells me he has croup. and croup has no meds, because its a virus. so we'll wait it out, barking and nebulizing and humidifying, and praying.
But if you have a moment to send a healing hug our way, we'd surely love to receive it!
Happy Friday!
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  1. Praying for the little dude and his worried family. The barking is bad and the 'wait it out' flat out stinks.

  2. Prayers for a quick recovery! Get better, little one, we have a big day tomorrow.

  3. Healing hug on its way...

  4. Hugs and prayers sent. Since it is croup, would an open freezer door help you out during an attack at all? We've been there. Our croup didn't require a nebulizer, but what it did do was induce much vomiting-- all. over. the. house. I remember it and let's just say-- not fondly.

    Prayers and hugs to all. May your little guy be well, your nights be quiet and the mask be found!

  5. So handsome even when under the weather. Hope you are feeling better, Evan! <3

  6. Many hugs going your way. I have no experience with croup but a lot o experiences with a son with asthma. Try to remember to keep your cool in front of your son because your reaction greatly affects his.

    All the best.


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