Monday, July 8, 2013


isn't that just sickenly cute? Like, ball it all up into a little pea and swallow it for safe keeping kinda cute? okay, so maybe im a slight bit biased, but whatever. 
there was a day that my mom was walking the dogs with evan and a small something was on the road. i don't remember what she told me it really was, but evan was all matter-a-fact that it was a squished baby dinosaur. and thats it. calm as a cucumber.
geez. i WISH!

Unfortuntely, that baby dino's parents and siblings can't be found, so we settled for a game of mini golf in the backyard instead. 

 It's not as easy as you would think. The grass out here is more like trying to play golf in a stack of hay. We even found some cactus (cacti?) growing out there! Yard care is on the list for 2014. ;)

In our neighbors' yard, there runs a creek. Lucky for us, we had a bit of a rainy spell and the creek was full for the playing!

I think they're gonna love it here.

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