Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Around here...

The whirlwind that is summer has been collecting tidbits of life around here that seem to go by, almost unnoticed and quiet, like a shadow. It seems like many times, in the rare moments of stillness, I can look at the collection of photos on my phone and put all these tidbits together into a string of blessings just waiting to be counted, loved, appreciated, noticed.
On this day, it rained. 
A lot.
The back porch is usually where I go to water my plants, watch the kids splash around in the pool, and complain about the heat, the fact that the fence guy is 4 weeks behind and the I had to put up my garden fencing as a temporary (and small) fix until then, and then some more about the heat. (and YUCK. the heat.)
But this day it rained, and I love the rain. It drew me outside to the porch to watch the drops fall on the thirsty earth. I thanked God for the rain, for the break it almost forced me to take from housework, for the furry ones who slowly made their ways out to sit with me, for the birds that converged on the nice, full birdbath beneath the trees. for the cool breeze, and for my life here. The little voices laughing from within the bedroom window, the husband quietly napping on his recliner, the loved ones scattered throughout the world (and beyond), taking my heart on far away travels, and the beauty in all things.
 All our boxes have made it to the house now, and although we are still weeks away from unpacking, I feel settled just enough to begin the slow process of zero to running again. My month of healing these ITBands has come and gone and the slow but steady process ha begun. (and so far, no ITB issues! Hooray!)
I got some new kicks to celebrate the big event (and who am i kidding? do we really need an excuse for new shoes??) They actually feel pretty darn close to my favorite runners, so the search has ended!
Brooks Pure Flow2s
 Evan and I had a morning to ourselves last week. We came across a gaggle(?) of geese hanging out in the middle of city behind the hospital! Hilarious? I think so!
Little man stalked those birds stealthily, cunningly, and HILARIOUSLY.
But those geese.
Like ninjas! NINJAS, I say!
They were too observant. too fast.

 It was a grand ol' time, that morning. I sat and watched him walk ahead of the group, waiting for a car to scare them over, and that, among other tricks, had me giggling *so* hard. I'm going to miss these days when school is back in session. 

Our city has a big "crazy dayz" event every summer. All the stores put on huge sales and discounts, and you spend the day sweating, walking, shopping, eating, sweating, walking, and shopping some more. (Then repeat that for 4 days, and you've got yourself crazy dayz!)
The kids and I ventured out to a shopping center across town and Ev found a backpack he wanted for next year and a pair of shoes he couldn't leave without. 
 (Hey, at least ONE of us found some cool stuff!)
The "licorice" stands are all open again, and the littlest einstein still calls them "licorice". (And I'm NOT correcting him. He's just too darn close to losing his baby days to take away things like "licorice" and "splushes")
 And, not because I love it al all, but because he loves it so, i must document hubby's new love.
It's a Buell, and it's a pain in the butt.
It has received more fedEx and UPS packages than i have in the whole year, more renovating than the house has seen yet, and we haven't seen our hubby-dad in the evenings since it has arrived, but he loves it, and so we do, too.
(Well, we're trying.)
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  1. What a lovely space you have on your back porch. Do you feel like you are settling into the a new life? New home, kids turning HUGE corners, and so many changes for the good. These years in front of you, the tweenies, the teenage years, they are truly wonderful!

    Happy birthday to the little guy. :)

    1. I think I'm *getting* there! Probably once I'm out of this "limbo" era, ill feel like I'm sailing off onto a new life. A little bit draggin my feet on the tweenie years...(biting nails) ;)


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