Friday, July 26, 2013

Croup :(

It came to pass a little after today's clock turned 1am.
Baby einstein couldnt breathe. He barked and barked and wheezed and cried, and it rendered me helpless, and frustrated, and worthless.
His nebulizer and meds were unpacked and put where they should be, but the mask was nowhere to be found. I tore the house apart, this frantic momma in her unders and tee, lights all aglow with shades open, but when your baby cant breathe you couldnt care less if the people of the night get a good ol' crazy mom in her unders throwing moving boxes around show. I never found it, and hubby, coming to the rescue as usual, held the tube up to his tiny gasping mouth the whole 20 minutes as the medicine vapored, and the wife paced and cried, and the dogs barked at the commotion, and the sister slept. 
and when it was done, he was given his allergy pill and allowed to squeeze into the bed with his tired daddy and his frazzled mommy and watch Team UmiZoomi until he finally drifted off to dreamland.
Meanwhile... his momma stayed up all night with her hand on his tiny chest, remembering his first asthma attack, clear as a bell. Making sure the breaths were coming steadily, making rhythms of the tiny heart that was beating so fast from the medicine. That tiny heart that was watched every so carefully by doctors while this tiny boy was inside my bulging belly. The most watched heart ever there was! i used to say. And 5 years later, Im wishing that i was back in that office, watching in a giant TV on the wall, the perfect beating of his heart. watching the blood flow just right through its valves, colored in red and blue.
But this momma is a little paranoid, i know.
so i watched and waited until the heartbeats slowed to sleepy mode, and the dogs snored, and the hubby rolled over on his 6 inches of mattress and slept, and bubble guppies came and went...twice...and i finally thanked God for getting us through, and closed my eyes and slept.
(sort of.)
This morning the nurse tells me he has croup. and croup has no meds, because its a virus. so we'll wait it out, barking and nebulizing and humidifying, and praying.
But if you have a moment to send a healing hug our way, we'd surely love to receive it!
Happy Friday!
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On the day that God turned the temperatures down a bit, and covered our world with a light blanket made of the softest cloud in the heavens, the einsteins and their friends wandered down to the creek to explore the world beneath our toes.
Armed with buckets of blue and nets of magic, they searched high and low for tiny miracles hiding right in front of our eyes.

Doesn't it amaze you, sometimes, when you stop and sit, how grand this earth is? How many hearts aside from ours are beating beating beating with the gift of life we've all been given? And we simply walk right over them, or under them, and never stop to think that the tiny minnow or the scurrying rolly polly that you just past was created with the same awesome hands that molded you.

what a perfect day for exploring.
(exploring both the creek and my inner core)
we all needed it.

thank you for the cool day, for the minnows, for the crawdads, for the broken trees and the red mushrooms that must have been gnome houses, and for the small ones in this life that remind me to stop and sit once in awhile, and count snails on a rock, count geese in the sky, and count blessings easily overlooked.

it was perfect.
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Summer Reading Awards!

This was the first summer that both little einsteins have been able to read on their own, so it made it a bit more special for the littlest one. He has been reading his simple little books all on his own, sounding out those letters in the words, and beaming with pride when he finishes. 
Emma has always been my reader. She has her nose constantly shoved into a book, and i love that about her. It reminds me of my dad when i was small. He was always reading. Now I see her all curled up in the back of the van or on the couch, and I wish i could see where she is. A faraway land? A forrest of fairies? A school full of worm-eating cheerleaders? Don't you wish you could just jump right in and go along?
So yesterday, they got awards for reading at least 10 hours this summer. Emma knocked out that goal about 2 weeks in, when the internet was still away and there was no TV, but Evan worked HARD to get that 10 hours, and barely squeaked by! SO proud of them both.

You guys are amazing.
Congratulations, and we are so very proud of our little bookworms!
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The littlest einstein

He's almost FIVE.
I remember this point when it hit me with Emma.
Five just seems like a HUGE step from four. 
Like baby to kid.
Or something like that.
(something DEPRESSING, like that!)
We took our annual pilgrimage to Toys R Us for the birthday trip (after the LEGO store, of course)
 The hottest toys on the Evan list this year (besides a "big kid power wheels") :
 The snails from the new movie, TURBO. We got him these packs, the rest were sold out!
Who wouldda thought...

So, I'm not sure how long I can get him to do this before he yells at me for embarrassing him, but here is the birthday boy, ready to shop!
almost 5!
 My peanut in the years past...
(you know you love this...)
almost 4...

almost 3...

almost 2!
Isn't it sadly adorable?!?

Off to enjoy my 4 year old for a few more days!
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Around here...

The whirlwind that is summer has been collecting tidbits of life around here that seem to go by, almost unnoticed and quiet, like a shadow. It seems like many times, in the rare moments of stillness, I can look at the collection of photos on my phone and put all these tidbits together into a string of blessings just waiting to be counted, loved, appreciated, noticed.
On this day, it rained. 
A lot.
The back porch is usually where I go to water my plants, watch the kids splash around in the pool, and complain about the heat, the fact that the fence guy is 4 weeks behind and the I had to put up my garden fencing as a temporary (and small) fix until then, and then some more about the heat. (and YUCK. the heat.)
But this day it rained, and I love the rain. It drew me outside to the porch to watch the drops fall on the thirsty earth. I thanked God for the rain, for the break it almost forced me to take from housework, for the furry ones who slowly made their ways out to sit with me, for the birds that converged on the nice, full birdbath beneath the trees. for the cool breeze, and for my life here. The little voices laughing from within the bedroom window, the husband quietly napping on his recliner, the loved ones scattered throughout the world (and beyond), taking my heart on far away travels, and the beauty in all things.
 All our boxes have made it to the house now, and although we are still weeks away from unpacking, I feel settled just enough to begin the slow process of zero to running again. My month of healing these ITBands has come and gone and the slow but steady process ha begun. (and so far, no ITB issues! Hooray!)
I got some new kicks to celebrate the big event (and who am i kidding? do we really need an excuse for new shoes??) They actually feel pretty darn close to my favorite runners, so the search has ended!
Brooks Pure Flow2s
 Evan and I had a morning to ourselves last week. We came across a gaggle(?) of geese hanging out in the middle of city behind the hospital! Hilarious? I think so!
Little man stalked those birds stealthily, cunningly, and HILARIOUSLY.
But those geese.
Like ninjas! NINJAS, I say!
They were too observant. too fast.

 It was a grand ol' time, that morning. I sat and watched him walk ahead of the group, waiting for a car to scare them over, and that, among other tricks, had me giggling *so* hard. I'm going to miss these days when school is back in session. 

Our city has a big "crazy dayz" event every summer. All the stores put on huge sales and discounts, and you spend the day sweating, walking, shopping, eating, sweating, walking, and shopping some more. (Then repeat that for 4 days, and you've got yourself crazy dayz!)
The kids and I ventured out to a shopping center across town and Ev found a backpack he wanted for next year and a pair of shoes he couldn't leave without. 
 (Hey, at least ONE of us found some cool stuff!)
The "licorice" stands are all open again, and the littlest einstein still calls them "licorice". (And I'm NOT correcting him. He's just too darn close to losing his baby days to take away things like "licorice" and "splushes")
 And, not because I love it al all, but because he loves it so, i must document hubby's new love.
It's a Buell, and it's a pain in the butt.
It has received more fedEx and UPS packages than i have in the whole year, more renovating than the house has seen yet, and we haven't seen our hubby-dad in the evenings since it has arrived, but he loves it, and so we do, too.
(Well, we're trying.)
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oh, Harley.

Our eldest baby, the snoring, snorting, stinky, loveable Harley pug has turned 11.
With everything still packed and somewhat lost in the translation of re-homing, my mom got Harleykins a new birthday bowl and some yummy birthday "cake".

Dobby and the transient poodle (since gone home) looked on in drooling jealousy as he snarffed down his filet mignon cake o nasty. He loved it.
Almost as much we love him.

Happy Birthday, sweet pugpug.
We love you!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

THE kilopost

There are a few unpublished "private" posts, hidden in the jungle of published posts in my deepest inner core of what is blogger, (you kids will still read them, I WILL will WILL remember to print them for your books!), but aside from that, this very post is the celebration that is the kilopost. 1000th blog post on this here ol' blog o' mine. (I just threw a fistful of confetti in the air).
It's a milestone, peoples. A thousand transcripts etched in the new age stone tablets. I could seriously give the salt sea scrolls a run for the money! ;)

Aaaaaaanyway, so Evan and I have been DYING of allergies, even when the weather was good and the levels were low, and upon removal of the dishwasher, we found out why. Apparently the pipes, and dishwasher, and faucet had been leaking for quite some time, and the entire subfloor and drywall half way up were soaked to the core with old water. And old water had bred our good ol' vices, the mold. (waht waaaaah)
 In the end, all the subfloor and half of the drywall up was torn out (today!) and the mold has been sprayed and we are just waiting now.
So while the spores make their way throughout, I have been keeping the einsteins away from home. Yesterday was a treat for them, as we made our way to White Water Bay for a day in the sun.
Emma & Niecey really really really liked the slides.

 ...and Evan and I hung out in the little pools and lazy river.

 After a ride on "The Big Kahuna", we cashed in Evan's bribe to ride it (let's face it, we do what we gotta do, even if it means uber expensive ice cream in the end!)


The kids LOVED it, and lets just say it was a VERY quiet drive home (in between a chorus of snores) ;)

I had a super slidey fun day with you guys.
Thanks for choosing me for your mommy!
I love you.

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