Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter and Eggs and all that jazz!

Didn't Easter just creep up on you this year? Like, it seemed that we had barely broken out the Resurrection Eggs when big ol' E.B. visited with his baskets and candy and hidden eggs and such.
Well, it did for me, anyway.
Our Easter began with an egg hunt in baby einstein's class.
 They were actually all running towards a few eggs that had been pieced together with unmatching colors.
Thought that was pretty cool.
Whereas, growing up in our house, with five kids, we had so many eggs that it would take until summer to piece every egg back together with its match, so they were mixed up.
Every one of them!
I thought it was weird to see a unicolored egg.
Turns out i was the weird one, i suppose.
But back to the story...
 My baby went for orange and green eggs (his fav colors, of course), a blue for daddy,and a couple pink ones for me and sister.
(love him!)

 My gosh, isn't he so cute in his boots?! 
 That afternoon, we enjoyed the sunshine outside. Sidewalk chalk seem to be our go-to toy nowadays...

 They were drawing houses and buildings and parks and pools for their Moshi Monsters.

 ...and the baby J came to play!
 uhhh...this one is totally out of order, and I dont really care to move it, so here's Ev lining up for the egg hunt!
(Did you just call me LAZY?!? Gasp!)
 Back to base camp...
Some super hero guy? Ida know. I'm not that cool of a boy mom. (See me paying so much attention to the strange men-in-spandex figurines in the backgound?!)
 Evan baby J got into saving the day!
 The next morning was Easter sunday.
 The kids awoke to their baskets of goodies

 (These books are Evan's FAVORITE series! Simple board books for the youngest littles, but he ADORES them!)
And then it was off to the hunting!

 After counting, we realized we had yet to find 3 more eggs!
Man, that sneaky bunny!

The third, I'm happy to report, was found TWO days ago - that's right - over a month later - by ME!

That afternoon, we headed over to Grandad's for Easter supper.

 After some majorr bubble blowing, the kids came in to play their favorite game - hanging something - anything - over the loft's edge to see how far it goes down. (Remember when Napoleon Dynamite hung that plastic action figure out of the bus window? Pretty sure it's the same concept...)
 NOOOOO peeking!
 Time for egg hunt #3!

 Baby Elizabeth found her first egg!

 As soon as it was known that there were a few eggs with money inside, the egg crackin came quicker (and who are we kidding, isn't that what make us grown up peoples hunt a bit more quickly?!), but there were a few eggs filled with ...
 ...cow teeth?
Evan actually was excited for this find - he had to watch as sister got money for all her teeth from the tooth fairy, and he was READY to give these a try!
(and, let me tell you, they don't pay out well - 1c each)

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

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