Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On a Saturday in Spring...

Once again we find our little Castropolians playing outside, and once again with chalk and those little Moshi Monsters that don't quite hurt as much as Legos when you step on them in the dark, but pretty darn close!
(and I mean YOU, spikey green guy!)
 The hubbs and I sat outside soaking up the sun because I couldn't really do much else. I had run a race the day before without practicing (but without walking! Woot woot!), which caused my iliotibular band to go berzerk in both knees and temporarily cripple me from the speedy gonzales life I lead so well.
There was a little soccering... 
 ...and then our sweet neighbor came over and grabbed the littles for her signature treat - ice pops!
 She always remembers I like the blue ones :)
Love her.
and look at those pathetic wrapped up like a mummy knees goin on there!

(That's an E.T. reference, for all you young whipper snappers reading this!)
 This was the end product of chalk stamps.
Don't do it!
Just walk away QUICKLY!

 (Did you notice my baby girl chopped her hair off?!? I don't like to talk about it, but I figured at least one of you would be all "Uhhh...aren't you going to say anything about Emma's HAIR?!?" and I'd have to explain that she wanted it cut, and I let her. (Part of that whole letting them grow up thing, i suppose)
(and you can bet your left a$$ cheek I cried!)

So back to the day of outdoor fun...
The sandbox!
Best. Backyard. Toy. Ever!
 Baby J got nice and dirty.
I love it.
Grandparents really do have more fun with the whole "get them filthy and send them home with pregnant mommy so she can use her last 3 bars of energy to wash him and put him down to nap" thing.
sorry, Court. ;)

i love this place.
i'll sure miss it one day.
sandy toes and all.

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2013 Princess Run & Little Dude Dash

The first run of the season for the kids was earlier this month at the Princess Run/Little Dude Dash at the boathouse district. They each ran 2K for the race, and they had a lot of fun stuff for the kiddos to do (besides look absolutely adorable in their running stuffs!)

 And momma the pack mule got a new stylish bag to carry all the royal princess's and prince's things in...

 Do you love her princess top? My mom sewed it for her in this year's theme color - purple!

 My dashing dudes ♥
 Mr. C decided to run alongside baby Ev, so i opted to take the photos.
Here they are at the staring line!
 My crew is at the very right side of the running crowd...
I'd say look for the purplr tutu, but that would be a little pointless...
 Here they come! 
So this one is  bit easier - look for my fluorescent yellow little dude!!

 Finish line!!
 Evan got his first medal!
 Emma and my FAVORITE TV person EVER is a newscaster for KOKH 25 named Terre Gables. When we heard she was going to be at the race, we KNEW we were signing up! We watch Terre report from all over the place doing fun and crazy things and making our mornings full of laughs!
Dancin to Thriller with Terre! 

 and some of the bluest ice cream from the truck to end the day

Congrats on a great race to start the season!!
We are so proud of you both!

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The middle brother o' mine was going to be a famous archaeologist one day.
He was!
I believed it with every beat of my big sister heart.
But life has its ways of growing you up, forking the rivers, and taking you to new adventures and new places.

Baby einstein was studying dinosaurs at school, and when they said that they were going to have an archaeological dig, I new I couldn't miss it! I just wish Alex could have come with me.
(Do you think you would have gotten down on your hands and knees and dug and brushed and muddied your nails, like old times, bro??)

Evan says it's a dinosaur bone - a triceratops skull perhaps.
What do YOU think?

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April 3rd

He covers the heavens with clouds; he prepares rain for the earth; he makes grass grow on the hills

Psalm 147:8

{and we thank Him for every bit of it.}
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