Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Breakin

It's finally here!! Spring Break!! 
A whole week of havin' my two little einsteins home. All to myself.
This year, we got the Friday before off as well, which makes it feel like a whole 8 days of no school- oh glorious days!
Since we havent actually made our spring checklist for the year just yet, we decided to make an impromptu one on the driveway, seeing as how it was like 75 degrees out. Random.

 Ems was too busy to chalk with us. She was designing - and building - a bug house.

 The bugitat. Complete with bridge, dessert restaurant, and slide.
 By this time, our favorite baby joseph came by in his convertable, top down, of course, it was randomly 75 degrees, remember? So i went ahead and logged his checklist for the week, too.
 Good lord, isn't he precious??

 And then night fell and the day came again, just as God promised us it would, and it was going to be a hot day, this Friday. A whoppin 84 in an Oklahoma winter. So we had big plans.
(and shorts)
We were pretending we were back in Cali where we had "ozone alert" days, and you were supposed to ride the bus or the trains to work. Or at least carpool. 
But those Californians. 
Anyway, on our own ozone day, we were to go on a grand adventure without using our car. And with us living a ways from the hustle and bustle of the city, that meant riding the bus.
All the day.
And we were ready.
(You know how we love our bus rides.)
So we convinced Baby Joseph's momma to bring him along (after all, it WAS on his bucket list for the week), and we headed off to the stop to catch the brown line into town.
Stop #1: McDonalds
Well, we had to eat breakfast, right?
(oh, and as a side note: Evan got some new boots from Gavin, and in true Oklahoma form, wears them with everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.)

 We had decided to walk to the bus terminal from there, it wasn't a long ways away, afterall, and it was SO nice out.
Our first adventure of the day was getting to watch the tow truck tow a car away.
 After a few minutes, the police officers came over and gave them badges. They became deputies of the law that first day of spring break and towed a car. This is serious business, folks.
Stop #2: Bus terminal - Blue Line

The blue line couldn't get us to the playground at Boomer Lake, in fact, the closest he got us was a pretty good walk away, but we made it (without me pushing baby j out of his stroller so I could crawl in).

We stayed there for a good hour or so before it was obvious we were ready to go home and nap.
Plus, it was getting hot. And I'm not complaining, I promise. It wasn't near to the summer's heat we get here in July, but it was enough to make tired little boys (and their mommas) a little crabby.
So, we started off to the bus stop nearest by, and hunted a geocache on the way there.
 Stop#3 - Terminal
Back to the main terminal, where we made our first official transfer.
(and that means we had some awesome hand written "bus transfer to brown" slips of paper to give our driver. Bonified.)
Stop#4 - Sonic
for some lunch and cold drinks, and a quick almost-miss-the-bus walmart run, and then we loaded up, tired and full, for our final ride home.
We had survived our ozone day!
Gone green!
Yay for us!

Some spring breaking from today:
My rainbow yogurt cup for breakfast really matched my nails, don't ya think?
 Leggo my LEGOs!
Well, when you have a LEGO character named Emma, and she has an ice cream cart, you just can't pass that up.

Have you been enjoying the almost-spring weather?

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  1. Our spring break doesn't start for another week. The weather here this morning though? 15 F. Yes. Those are small digits. I'm normally good with the cold, but I'm kind of done with it. May I have some of your weather, please?


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