Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Okay, so I've been a little bit slacking.
I'm a fair-weather runner, and even when it got fair again, my best running buddy got all magically pregnant (psh) and stuff, and i just wanted to not run summore with her, because, hey!, i'm willing to admit that i'll use any excuse to not run, and being empathetically pregnant was a good one, right??
(and by magically pregnant, I mean, WOAH.)
But then, I saw in my planner that I've got THREE runs coming up QUICK, and i had best get off my ever growing rumpus and get back out there in my "Heidi! If i pay THIS much for these shoes, you'd BETTER keep running" shoes. I started about half way through my training program from last year and drug my emma alongside with our *new!* running playlist (and I must say, we picked some GREAT songs!)

NOW, for the important stuffs - on May 4th (its a saturday) - my fam will be running (and walking) the 2013 Piece Walk for Autism. We have a team in honor of my best little buddy, Ayden, who stole my heart at birth, who brought me to tears with a song, who fixed my world with a kiss on the cheek, and who has autism. 
It's amazing how much this little guy has blessed our lives.
I mean, really.
you have NO idea. 
I try to tell him in letters that one day he'll read when he's a grownup. And i picture the day that he comes to my door one day when i am old and wrinkled and says to me in perfect words, looking into my eyes with his beautiful hazelish ones, and says "we fooled them all, didn't we, heidi?" 
and i'll laugh and give him a big hug.
because i'm always whispering in his ear when no one is watching, 
that one day,
he'll be tired of me talking to him, following him around, 
and he'll have to tell me so.
and then his secret will be out.
but until then, i'll just annoyingly love him.

but enough of that.
would you like to run with our team?
You can sign up HERE. Our team name is "Cowboys for Ayden", and you can pick your team after you register. Just want to do the walk with us? Do it! We're ordering our shirts soon. They'll be orange dry-fit tees (even in kids sizes!). 

Won't you?
It's a GREAT cause...the walk is even free! 
We'd LOVE to see you there! 
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  1. I might not be able to run, and we might be busy that day, but I still want to make a donation to the team. I'll talk to you about it in person.


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