Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

So, while I am going to melt your heart with this tale, I assure you that it follows closely the "Series of Unfortunate Events" books, for there is great sadness in this adorable tale.

We were at the mall friday to visit my mecca - the LEGO store, when we came upon Mr. E Bunny himself smack dab in the middle of the mall. As we walk by, the big man bunny walks out of his ... enclosure?... and comes to give my little baby E a big furry bunny hug. My cup runneth over for this hug, and I love that he chose MY little boy, out of all the children in the mall that day (even the ones in line whose parents were trying to barter a cheaper price for the super deluxe package...) to come and hug. 
He felt like a rockstar.
A famous kid that was chosen special by this magical creature himself, after JUST seeing him kick butt with the rest of the guardians. (Rise of the Guardians, anyone? LOVED it!)
Anyway, after this magical moment, little E was NOT leaving the mall that day without getting a picture with EB. Not a chance, no way.
(and this was the day, folks, that he dressed himself, of course)
So after a great (as always) LEGO visit, we head back to Easter village for our picture.
We get in line, and when it comes time to run up to this furry bunch of fun, my baby girl stands still.
"emmie!" I say.
"Emmie! Its our turn! Go!"
"Huh? Baby it's our turn! Hurry! Bro-bro is already up there!"
"Nah, I don't want to."

(Did you hear that? That sound? Sounded like the breaking of a heart followed by a semi-truck running over it, followed by a giant sized ape jumping over and over atop it? Oh yes, folks, it was me.)

I knew this day would come.
So I casually said "okay, you sure?"
and he took his picture.

Now, as I stood there, trying to embrace this moment, I was so torn in different directions. I mean, i was in love with this day! My heart was jumping up and down with her pom poms a shaking! My baby was SO uber duber ready to see EB and oh my gosh hes so cute in his dry-fit neon green shirt with too-small jeans and black socks and bunny ears all snuggled up to the easter bunny wumpkins, but my other half was crying, shriveled up like an escargot, rocking back and forth that my baby girl was ... too old... to sit there next to that bunny that for 9 years was the object of her "i'm-not-leaving-without-seeing-that-bunny!" fits every spring.  I had to blink back the tears before I turned back to face my emma-kate. I didnt want her to know how sad i was. i want her to grow up, i do. i just wanted a two-weeks notice, maybe? In writing? (and this is why it took me 15 minutes to find that debit card in my purse...)
but, oh, it hurted me.

She had a friend with her, though.
Do you think I may still have a chance? If I dragged her off alone?!?
I'm not ready for this.
Not at all.
Not one bit.
Oh excuse me. i just went to find a new box of kleenex to replace the ENTIRE BOX i just used to write this very bittersweet tale.


tell me it'll be okay.
that i'll make it through.

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  1. Ok, you will make it through, but I won't lie to you, it will not be easy.

    You will notice one day a change in her voice, you'll hear it from another room, you will hear the voice of a woman trying to sneak through.

    You'll notice in the way she moves there is a new grace and strength that is years beyond her age.

    These things flit by so quickly you'll wonder whether it was true or not. Did she really just sound 15? How can an 11 year old move with the sureness of a 20 year old?

    Before you know it these things, these things of a young woman, become everyday and normal and you WILL have a moment of WHOA!!! Hold on, slow down my daughter. But you'll be ok.


    1. Joan!! You make me cry first thing in the morning?!? ;)
      Ill just have to remember you made it through this with those talented genes you've got there, and buckle in. *sigh*

  2. My daughter is 9 and she is growing up too. It makes me happy and sad. She is excited and happy to be getting older...but I keep trying to convince her to slow down. She has a LONG time to be a grown up and only a short time to be a little girl.
    I think that if your daughter wouldn't have had a friend with her, she would have done the picture. :)
    BTW, thanks for following my photography blog. It's fun to find fellow Oklahoma bloggers.

    1. It's temping to go back and force another picture without the friend, but I have to remember to hide my crazy a bit. :)
      Love the photos!

  3. (smiling) You'll make it through and discover all sorts of new fun things every single day. I love my babies. I love my toddlers. I love my kiddos...but my teens. Oh my teens! They are SOOO much fun to hang around and chat with. We can goof off, laugh, play AND have deep, meaningful conversations!

    Thanks for your comment yesterday! So appreciated!!


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