Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter! {and other ramblings}

I actually had good intentions about getting our Easter cards out on time. I even had them printed (even though I had to send them to a one hour place whose printers didn't agree with my monitor colors and turned us all a little ...more tan?) but I didn't get them out yet. I was out of stamps, and i had to work full days this week and i just didn't get to the store to get any (although i'm sure i could have, had i really really tried to remember!), so I fail.
But to all the fam with internet, your ecard awaits...

In other news...
- I have workshops for the next (and past) friday night/saturday mornings (boo!) so hubby took the einsteins to the grand re-opening of our fav running store, Red Coyote, without me. His goal was to grab the limited edition tees for us all. (they WERE based on a Star Wars theme, after all...). But, alas, the early birds get the tees, and my hubby was not. 
I cried.
No, really. 

- The house finches have finished their nest, and momma is in there laying her eggs RIGHT NOW! I had put the ferns up, but couldnt take them down during the frost since they were nesting, so the poor things are going to live in a frozen-to-death fern! Poor things. 

- wow. a little bit of a depressing post so far.

- my mom flew in last night! we've been anxiously awaiting her arrival, but the einsteins are really, really excited. (They share her affinity for Braum's ice cream trips) I think she's probably napping now. 

- It's GORGEOUS out today!! Go out and have fun!!

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  1. Happy Easter! So glad to be with the Einsteins on Easter morning, and to see what the Easter Bunny brought! I loved your Easter cards! I'm not napping, but I did laundry the old-fashion way (with clothespins!) and cleaned Eri's area near the tv. Wishing you all a most wonderful Easter! <3


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