Wednesday, March 13, 2013


A few years ago, a friend of mine had talked me into geocaching. It sounded really cool, and i just knew the einsteins would be into it, once the baby got older and the weather cooled down, and the...well, you know. THE list of things that keep you from doing whatever it is you may be not doing.
But, with a trip to Eureka Springs looming in the near distance, I decided that "This (now put your finger up in the air and slightly life your chin to the sky...) would be the day! Today we are going geocaching!"
(you totally did it, didn't you?)
They weren't all too sure about mommy's fandangled last-minute fun plans, but I lured them into the car with dreams of treasure hunting and maps. The castro pirates, we be!
So, as ALWAYS, Em brings along a notebook to log all her treasures found, and we set off on a great adventure
(about 2 blocks away)
And we followed the map. 
And we read the clues.
And we looked and looked and looked.
But we found NOTHING.
And mommy's fandangled plans were failing miserably.
With promises of gold and glory came dirt and leaves.
By the time i had convinced them that we would try another spot, just down the street, we were there.
Ems wrote down the name and spot.
I got the info ready...
 And just like that, she had found treasure!
 We signed our name in the log and slipped it back inside its' hiding spot for the next treasure hunter to come along.
From then on, it was utter excitement. We decided to hit one more before heading back home to meet up with daddy for dinner.

 Baby einstein got to find this one.

 After dinner, daddy took us on a drive into town to find a few more.

The next day, that's all the einsteins wanted to do.
I was pretty sure that we should be outside, I mean, it was GOR-GEOUS outside!
I even had the piggies out!
 So we set off to look for the "Mustache Cache"
...and find it, we did!

We were SO ready to geocache in Eureka! It was going to be a blast!
Do you geocache? Our name on the geocache website is 4castros. Come connect with us!

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