Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I had been awaiting this day.
The 4th grade classes always go to Pleasant Valley School for a field trip in Oklahoma history. They actually attend a full day of school, as it would have been back in 1899.

 They walked to school that morning.
I barely caught her!

 Ms Mattie Mae was waiting for them to arrive, and lined up ready to enter the school house.
 They began with some slate board writing.

 They even got to write with quills and ink. 

 All day I dreamed about living back then.
In fact, i did that a lot when i was small.
I must have been so in love with the Little House stories, that I found myself wishing I was in a covered wagon riding to town with pa.
It wasn't any different today.
 People didn't smile in pictures back then. 
They tried their hardest not to.
I had made Ems a lunch with homemade bread (from a machine, but, hey, who's judging?), beef jerkey, and cheese (you know - from our goat...). It was all wrapped up in handkerchiefs in a pail that Emma would use to milk that goat.. or cow, or whatever it was we made into jerkey last week... ;)

After lunch was recess, and they played games that the kids back then may have played. 

 Afterwards, they continued their studies and I slipped quietly out into my time machine and headed back to 2013 to pick up Evan from school.
But I need to leave you with this adorable photo.
Emma & Ethan circa 1899.

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  1. How my K would absolutely LOVE that! She loves Little House and any historical stories (Magic Tree House/American Girl/Dear America). What a wonderful day! :)


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