Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter! {and other ramblings}

I actually had good intentions about getting our Easter cards out on time. I even had them printed (even though I had to send them to a one hour place whose printers didn't agree with my monitor colors and turned us all a little ...more tan?) but I didn't get them out yet. I was out of stamps, and i had to work full days this week and i just didn't get to the store to get any (although i'm sure i could have, had i really really tried to remember!), so I fail.
But to all the fam with internet, your ecard awaits...

In other news...
- I have workshops for the next (and past) friday night/saturday mornings (boo!) so hubby took the einsteins to the grand re-opening of our fav running store, Red Coyote, without me. His goal was to grab the limited edition tees for us all. (they WERE based on a Star Wars theme, after all...). But, alas, the early birds get the tees, and my hubby was not. 
I cried.
No, really. 

- The house finches have finished their nest, and momma is in there laying her eggs RIGHT NOW! I had put the ferns up, but couldnt take them down during the frost since they were nesting, so the poor things are going to live in a frozen-to-death fern! Poor things. 

- wow. a little bit of a depressing post so far.

- my mom flew in last night! we've been anxiously awaiting her arrival, but the einsteins are really, really excited. (They share her affinity for Braum's ice cream trips) I think she's probably napping now. 

- It's GORGEOUS out today!! Go out and have fun!!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Okay, so I've been a little bit slacking.
I'm a fair-weather runner, and even when it got fair again, my best running buddy got all magically pregnant (psh) and stuff, and i just wanted to not run summore with her, because, hey!, i'm willing to admit that i'll use any excuse to not run, and being empathetically pregnant was a good one, right??
(and by magically pregnant, I mean, WOAH.)
But then, I saw in my planner that I've got THREE runs coming up QUICK, and i had best get off my ever growing rumpus and get back out there in my "Heidi! If i pay THIS much for these shoes, you'd BETTER keep running" shoes. I started about half way through my training program from last year and drug my emma alongside with our *new!* running playlist (and I must say, we picked some GREAT songs!)

NOW, for the important stuffs - on May 4th (its a saturday) - my fam will be running (and walking) the 2013 Piece Walk for Autism. We have a team in honor of my best little buddy, Ayden, who stole my heart at birth, who brought me to tears with a song, who fixed my world with a kiss on the cheek, and who has autism. 
It's amazing how much this little guy has blessed our lives.
I mean, really.
you have NO idea. 
I try to tell him in letters that one day he'll read when he's a grownup. And i picture the day that he comes to my door one day when i am old and wrinkled and says to me in perfect words, looking into my eyes with his beautiful hazelish ones, and says "we fooled them all, didn't we, heidi?" 
and i'll laugh and give him a big hug.
because i'm always whispering in his ear when no one is watching, 
that one day,
he'll be tired of me talking to him, following him around, 
and he'll have to tell me so.
and then his secret will be out.
but until then, i'll just annoyingly love him.

but enough of that.
would you like to run with our team?
You can sign up HERE. Our team name is "Cowboys for Ayden", and you can pick your team after you register. Just want to do the walk with us? Do it! We're ordering our shirts soon. They'll be orange dry-fit tees (even in kids sizes!). 

Won't you?
It's a GREAT cause...the walk is even free! 
We'd LOVE to see you there! 
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Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

So, while I am going to melt your heart with this tale, I assure you that it follows closely the "Series of Unfortunate Events" books, for there is great sadness in this adorable tale.

We were at the mall friday to visit my mecca - the LEGO store, when we came upon Mr. E Bunny himself smack dab in the middle of the mall. As we walk by, the big man bunny walks out of his ... enclosure?... and comes to give my little baby E a big furry bunny hug. My cup runneth over for this hug, and I love that he chose MY little boy, out of all the children in the mall that day (even the ones in line whose parents were trying to barter a cheaper price for the super deluxe package...) to come and hug. 
He felt like a rockstar.
A famous kid that was chosen special by this magical creature himself, after JUST seeing him kick butt with the rest of the guardians. (Rise of the Guardians, anyone? LOVED it!)
Anyway, after this magical moment, little E was NOT leaving the mall that day without getting a picture with EB. Not a chance, no way.
(and this was the day, folks, that he dressed himself, of course)
So after a great (as always) LEGO visit, we head back to Easter village for our picture.
We get in line, and when it comes time to run up to this furry bunch of fun, my baby girl stands still.
"emmie!" I say.
"Emmie! Its our turn! Go!"
"Huh? Baby it's our turn! Hurry! Bro-bro is already up there!"
"Nah, I don't want to."

(Did you hear that? That sound? Sounded like the breaking of a heart followed by a semi-truck running over it, followed by a giant sized ape jumping over and over atop it? Oh yes, folks, it was me.)

I knew this day would come.
So I casually said "okay, you sure?"
and he took his picture.

Now, as I stood there, trying to embrace this moment, I was so torn in different directions. I mean, i was in love with this day! My heart was jumping up and down with her pom poms a shaking! My baby was SO uber duber ready to see EB and oh my gosh hes so cute in his dry-fit neon green shirt with too-small jeans and black socks and bunny ears all snuggled up to the easter bunny wumpkins, but my other half was crying, shriveled up like an escargot, rocking back and forth that my baby girl was ... too old... to sit there next to that bunny that for 9 years was the object of her "i'm-not-leaving-without-seeing-that-bunny!" fits every spring.  I had to blink back the tears before I turned back to face my emma-kate. I didnt want her to know how sad i was. i want her to grow up, i do. i just wanted a two-weeks notice, maybe? In writing? (and this is why it took me 15 minutes to find that debit card in my purse...)
but, oh, it hurted me.

She had a friend with her, though.
Do you think I may still have a chance? If I dragged her off alone?!?
I'm not ready for this.
Not at all.
Not one bit.
Oh excuse me. i just went to find a new box of kleenex to replace the ENTIRE BOX i just used to write this very bittersweet tale.


tell me it'll be okay.
that i'll make it through.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

my one.

i was waiting for him.
since i was very small, i knew he was coming.
when my friends endlessly searched for the "one", i waited.

i thought he had come, a time or two.
but when he arrived, i knew.

i didn't see fireworks.
i didn't daydream about our wedding.
i didn't even cover my notebook with his last name.

i just felt...complete.
i didn't even know that my whole life, i was living a little less whole.
until it felt different.

and i knew.

he had finally come.

and i was whole.

and i was in love.

and i saw fireworks.
and had a beautifully perfect wedding day.
and i signed babys' birth certificates with his last name.

and here we are...
over a decade later...

i love you, mr. castro.
you make me happy when clouds are black.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Breakin

It's finally here!! Spring Break!! 
A whole week of havin' my two little einsteins home. All to myself.
This year, we got the Friday before off as well, which makes it feel like a whole 8 days of no school- oh glorious days!
Since we havent actually made our spring checklist for the year just yet, we decided to make an impromptu one on the driveway, seeing as how it was like 75 degrees out. Random.

 Ems was too busy to chalk with us. She was designing - and building - a bug house.

 The bugitat. Complete with bridge, dessert restaurant, and slide.
 By this time, our favorite baby joseph came by in his convertable, top down, of course, it was randomly 75 degrees, remember? So i went ahead and logged his checklist for the week, too.
 Good lord, isn't he precious??

 And then night fell and the day came again, just as God promised us it would, and it was going to be a hot day, this Friday. A whoppin 84 in an Oklahoma winter. So we had big plans.
(and shorts)
We were pretending we were back in Cali where we had "ozone alert" days, and you were supposed to ride the bus or the trains to work. Or at least carpool. 
But those Californians. 
Anyway, on our own ozone day, we were to go on a grand adventure without using our car. And with us living a ways from the hustle and bustle of the city, that meant riding the bus.
All the day.
And we were ready.
(You know how we love our bus rides.)
So we convinced Baby Joseph's momma to bring him along (after all, it WAS on his bucket list for the week), and we headed off to the stop to catch the brown line into town.
Stop #1: McDonalds
Well, we had to eat breakfast, right?
(oh, and as a side note: Evan got some new boots from Gavin, and in true Oklahoma form, wears them with everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.)

 We had decided to walk to the bus terminal from there, it wasn't a long ways away, afterall, and it was SO nice out.
Our first adventure of the day was getting to watch the tow truck tow a car away.
 After a few minutes, the police officers came over and gave them badges. They became deputies of the law that first day of spring break and towed a car. This is serious business, folks.
Stop #2: Bus terminal - Blue Line

The blue line couldn't get us to the playground at Boomer Lake, in fact, the closest he got us was a pretty good walk away, but we made it (without me pushing baby j out of his stroller so I could crawl in).

We stayed there for a good hour or so before it was obvious we were ready to go home and nap.
Plus, it was getting hot. And I'm not complaining, I promise. It wasn't near to the summer's heat we get here in July, but it was enough to make tired little boys (and their mommas) a little crabby.
So, we started off to the bus stop nearest by, and hunted a geocache on the way there.
 Stop#3 - Terminal
Back to the main terminal, where we made our first official transfer.
(and that means we had some awesome hand written "bus transfer to brown" slips of paper to give our driver. Bonified.)
Stop#4 - Sonic
for some lunch and cold drinks, and a quick almost-miss-the-bus walmart run, and then we loaded up, tired and full, for our final ride home.
We had survived our ozone day!
Gone green!
Yay for us!

Some spring breaking from today:
My rainbow yogurt cup for breakfast really matched my nails, don't ya think?
 Leggo my LEGOs!
Well, when you have a LEGO character named Emma, and she has an ice cream cart, you just can't pass that up.

Have you been enjoying the almost-spring weather?

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What's in YOUR klosi?

We had a parent teacher conference last week with Evan's teachers.
We knew he was beginning to read, sounding out words, but you can imagine my shock when they presented me with this:
Now, I must say, it may not seem like anything special to you, but I was holding back oceans of happy tears for this little piece of schoolwork by my four-and-a-half year old baby. 
It was the first time I had seen him do inventive spelling!
(and yes, his closet, i mean, klosi, DOES look like that - everything in rainbow order!)

I am SO very proud of you, sweet little boy.
You are learning things all on your own that are amazing and special, and you don't even know it.
You mean so much to us, little peanut.
Keep up the GREAT work.

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It was our birthday last week, and some friends invited us up to their house in Eureka Springs for the weekend to celebrate, relax, and have FUN, and mission was definitely accomplished.
Hubby & I both took off work friday & monday, and we made it a four day adventure.
This is the einsteins' little friend, Jackson. Handsome little guy, eh?
 As soon as we arrived, we dumped our bags in our rooms and ran out to explore. The great thing about Eureka Springs, is that you can walk everywhere once you get there, well, as long as you don't mind walking up an down and up and down summore.

 The kids loved "hiking" on the many, many, MANY hills.
 Check out this bath house.
What kind of bath house was it back in the day? I have no idea. But the sign is quite interesting.
 Of COURSE we couldn't explore the city without doing some more geocaching. We actually ended up calling this one the "poo cache" because Em ended up stepping in a big pile of poo trying to find it. :/

 The city was FULL of old buildings and shops and houses. I was daydreaming ALL day & night that I could travel back in time to see what this place looked like a hundred years ago.

 The boys had SO much fun together! The house has 3 floors, and the scenery from each of the decks was AMAZING! I have GOT to go back in the spring & fall when everything is full of leaves and such. You know how I am about trees! *swoon*.

 The next day we headed off to the Onyx Cave. I had heard it was good for kids, since it was short and sweet, and you got to sport these fab earphones for the self guided tour.
(Check out Brandi - she's looking very princess leia, no?)
 This was the most ADORABLE creature I saw all weekend!

 After our adventures underground (and when I say underground, i mean, we almost had to rock climb straight up to get back up to the car!), we headed up to the Roaring River Hatchery in Missouri. 
It. Was. Gorgeous.
We spent about a kazillion dollars in quarters to feed the trout in the hatchery's tanks as people fished them out in the crystal clear streams all around.

 In the far corner of the hatchery is a place that held me enamored for quite some time. Had we not been in a drought for years, I imagine that this waterfall would be roaring down into the aquamarine colored water below, but as it was, a few drops would fall every now and again, and the large trouts could be seen so easily swimming around in the deep cave waters.

 Remember this waterfall's opening at the top...

 ...because afterwards, we hiked all the way up...
 and could see where the water would be falling down into the cave.
Now THAT, my friends, was a lotta climbing!

 On the descent, we ran into this guy...
 Who let the masses pass, but when Brandi & I walked by all freaked out and stealth-like, the little turd jumped up and tried to EAT US WHOLE!
Okay, so maybe that's a smallish embellishment, but he DID jump at Brandi as I went all lightning down the hill screaming.
Mark tried to move him from the path that so many children were running up and down, just to keep everyone safe.
 He was NOT happy about that, and in the end, we just warned every person we could about the man-eating beast up the trail.
After we got back down to the ground level, we decided that we sure hadn't climbed enough yet, and decided to scurry on up this big tree that was just CALLING us to come sit in it's branches and rest.

 Lookie at me! Im up there! 
I felt like the little boy in my fav "The Giving Tree" book.
C'mon tree, gimmie some DP and pringles if you love me.

 I suppose that may have been the cap on climbing.
 The way home brought us to a couple more geocaches. One here at Sleepy's, which we ended up having to get help from the cachemaster's momma who ran the store.
 Then it was off to W.T. Focker's where we picked up my favorite cache of the trip. Inside, we scored a big ol' gorilla toy for grandad and our first travelling item!

 Day three was rainy and cold, and it was actually the day I did the most exploration. Of course that naturally means that I left my camera because of the rain, and left my hone because we were only going out down the street a bit...and ended up going on an hour+ walk down the hill to the old train depot and some AWESOME abandoned buildings. 
The last day of our trip took us to the Crescent Hotel - America's most haunted hotel, (and the reason i wanted to go see it.)

 You weren't allowed to go into the guest room corridors without being an actual guest, so Em and I walked up the windy staircases as far as we could go.
 There was an observation deck outside that looked over the city.

 It's where we met a couple of the housekeepers on their smoke break. We got to talking, and one of them told me that the most haunted room in the hotel was open, if I wanted to go see it. They were headed there to clean next.
Ummm, YES please!
So Emma & I went in and snapped some pictures so that you, my gracious readers, could see photographical proof of the ghosts inside.
But the room was really cool - slash- creepy. Have you seen Paranormal Activity where the freakish ghost comes out of that little attic door?!?

 (Attic door!!!)
 Our invitation for a nice ghost to join us in a pose went unanswered.
 We left the hotel with no more proof of hauntings than when we arrived, and headed up to the crystal chapel to shed them off, had they followed us into the car all stealth-like.
This place has a very interesting story behind it. The man who built it actually makes me think of a man I know & love very much. 

We had a WONDERFUL time on our trip.
Thank you, M, B, & J for inviting us to your beautiful home.

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