Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Day!

Happy Day!!
I didn't get too many pictures from the day, but there are a couple here of their school parties...

I've been kinda slacking lately. My poor Emmie awoke this morning running out to see her Valentine's Day suprise on the table and found only her dad eating cereal. (Bummer, dad. Bummer.)
I promised her that after school she would find it - there was one more thing I hadn't gotten yet, and as she wandered off saying "but...we have this in the morning every.year.forever!", I felt sad. 
I'm juggling too many things.
And I've been skipping the little things that make days like Valentine's Day special and unique in our family.
But, soon enough,  summer will be here, and we'll all be back to normal!
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, little einsteins!
We LOVE you both sooooooo much!
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  1. Can I ask where you get the personalized shirts? They are adorable!!!


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