Tuesday, February 26, 2013


By noon yesterday they had declared our county a "state of emergency" along with several others. They cancelled school by 5:00, and even the university had closed down at lunchtime. A big storm was coming, and they expected power outages, blizzards, and about 6 inches of snow here in town. 
We really never believe them. So many times we've been buckled down for the storm, and it never comes. 
I braved the herds of people at Wal-Mart on Sunday evening, but it was purely because we were out of milk (which IS a state of emergency in our house!), and happened upon snow boots on clearance, so I grabbed a couple pairs just in case (which is the exact moment that I knew there would be no snow - Newton's Law and all...). 
But last night it got windy. 
And then it got cold.
And then big flakes started falling, and I was thinking to myself "oh crap."
 This is what it looked like by the time we put the kids to bed at 8:30ish.
 So we buckled down for the night, flashlights where we could find them, extra blankets, and fully charged phones.
 As you can tell, animals KNOW when trouble is a brewin'...
 And had I realized that, I wouldn't have been surprised when i woke up to almost NO snow in the back yard! 
SO, as the einsteins woke up, I recommended that we go play while the snow was still there, and we began our hour long ritual of dressing for the snow.
And by all means, by the time we were done digging out snow pants and re sizing them, and swapping them out for bigger ones, and getting the right size gloves, and tucking in socks and shirts and gloves, we. looked. fab.
(And THANK YOU, Heidi of 2012, for buying EVERY size of snow glove on clearance last spring for $1 each! I think we're good fo' LIFE!)

 And out we went!
(with jacked up contacts - so please excuse the out-of-focus photos...they seemed alright at the {blurry} time...)

 It wasn't too long until the little einstein wanted to go in and eat breakfast while big einstein wanted to finish up the two snowbabies, so we ate blueberry bread and had hot cocoa and watched out the window at God's beautiful canvas of snow and sister.
 ...and then she wandered in, red nosed and hungry...
 ...and baby J stopped by to say hello during his first-ever-in-life state of emergency...
 After he left for a nap, the kiddos began a morning of silly photos and endless giggling.
(My GOSH i cant wait to see THOSE pictures!)
 We got dressed (everyone had to wear blue, green, and black today - don't ask why - we have no idea.), and played a round of Monopoly Jr. before heading out into the world to meet hubby for lunch.
Have a happy snow day, everyone!!

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  1. Bless your heart. You guys get school canceled when there's a little smathering of snow. Our school superintendent used to cancel school only when the snow reached the top of the hind end of his very tall dog-- no lie!

    Enjoy your bits of snow!


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