Thursday, February 21, 2013

President's Day at The Zoo!

We had no school on Monday because it was president's day.
It was supposed to be nice, so we entertained the thought of the Oklahoma City Zoo. But, with it being free and all, the hermit genetics came forefront and warned me to stay away.
As far as possible.
So Sunday night came, and we decided that we were going to the zoo, but instead of OKC, we'd head on up to the Tulsa zoo, which had a 30% chance of rain and was not free. We were optimistic. The kids believe 200% that Eli controls the rain, so they *knew* it wouldn't rain, and although I packed a few emergency ponchos in the backpack, i was pretty darn sure they were right.
(and they were)
It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and there were hardly ANY other families there! The BEST zoo trip we've had in FOREVER!
I just wish hubby would have been off work, too. 
But it was so nice to spend the day with just my two little einsteins. No one and nothing else but us.

The animals were enjoying the weather just as much as we were!


cutest animal EVER in life - the otter!!

Em in the rainforest!

Poison dart frogs! ADORable!



These two cubs were practicing pouncing and fighting. It was SO cute!

grumpy ol rhino.

moldy ol Galapagos 

runaway little boy

zebra - although 80% of the kids looking at it called him "Marty"

giraffe (whom 80% of the kids did NOT call Melman, and didn't seem to even think it was clever for me to do so, even though it was from the SAME movie as "Marty"?!?) Psh. Kids.

Lioness looking displeased that her mate is snoring away on her butt.

Move over, emperor penguin. there's a new 3-and-a-half-footer in town!

Penguins with very fashionable bracelets.

sea lion

sea lion drinking (upside down) from a waterfall. HILARIOUS.

stinky pinkies.

otherwise known as the flamingo.

we love this guy! ;)

he was eating a monkey chow cheezie puff, but he hid it from me. :\

cutest fox EVER!

what cho lookin at willis?

This was the only photo of the three of us. 
(Can you see my pink jacket?!?)

We had a GREAT day!
Happy President's Day!!!

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  1. What amazing photos! Looks like a great time! Your family is adorable!

  2. Looks like tons of fun! You really got some great shots. Oh, an otters.... *swoon* Love them!


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