Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our smallest photog.

Some evenings in the winter are just warm enough for a few hours to be outside doing outside-ish things. And as you well know, as soon as one of these days arrives, you'll know it because the einsteins are shoved outside to play and are not to come back in until their feet are tired, their faces dirty, and their momma's cold (which, let's face it - I get cold anytime it drops below 68.75 degrees. With a jacket. I'm a wuss, I know.)
So anyway, one of these afternoons arrived and the kids were dragged outside to play. After the scooters and sidewalk chalk, and bikes, and pogo sticks, and golf were exhausted, we decided to take a photo walk. We do these pretty often, actually, but this particular walk included daddy and our friend, Ethan!
My baby

My punkin
 We started off down the street and these were the things that the littlest einstein captured...

{This lady must really love him.}

{This truck was driving by. He looked a little confused as to why a little boy was taking his photo. I bet he went the speed limit after that! ;)}

{The beloved shark car, who came along for a ride in a little pocket in some little jeans, and was taken out to model this lovely driveway. :) }

{A scooter!}

{A daddy! Who was taking a photo of...}
(Not an Evan original)
(Back to the Evan Originals..)

{An OSU yard stake}

{crooked mail boxes}

{water meter}

{gas meter}

{Fire hydrant}



{sister's camera bag}

{winter tree}

{I'm just not sure...}

{newspaper/camera strap}

{street lamp}

{basketball goal}

{safer news}

{a winter-surviving plant!}

{water meter keyhole}

{kinda psychedelic, no?}

{apparently we love these}

{ding dong!}

Sister already deleted hers :( I would have liked to see them so I could comapre POVs, but I'm sure we'll get another chance soon.
I love seeing the world from 3feet and 8 inches off the ground. 



{daddy's legs}


All original photos copyright 2013, Evan Castro Photography.

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  1. I love the mailboxes. I think I will have to try a photo-walk with my girls.

  2. That daddy has a lot of leg! (I'm 5'1". Color me a little jealous!) You know, we've found that our daughter takes some rather flattering people photos. It's amazing. We've even had her take photos for the Christmas card! Love seeing what the little guy is up to in his little guy height world!


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