Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday, Emma!!

The day has come.
My baby girl has been on this earth for a decade.
TEN years.
They say that it takes someone 10 years to read 24 hours of tweets.
It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.
and it takes 10 years become an expert at something.
I don't know about all that, BUT, I DO know that it takes 10 years to see your tiny baby girl blossom into the beginnings of a beautiful, intelligent, faith-filled young woman that you pray your whole life for.
It takes ten years of wearing your heart outside your own body to get to this day. This decade landmark. Ten years of careful decisions of when to let her fall and when to catch her. Of praying that you did it the right way. Of crossing your fingers and toes that she remembers this lesson or that.
Ten years of teaching, learning, kisses on scraped knees and moments in tearful prayer for reassurance that this, too, shall pass, and she will be better for it. Ten years of standing back and watching her take leaps and bounds that scare me to the depths of my soul, smiling and cheering on the outside, but cowering with fear inside where she could not see. 
Ten years of joy.
Ten years of blessings.
Ten years of my little emma bean.

My GOSH I love you so.


And now that I have thoroughly cried my eyeliner off... let's get to the fun stuff, yes?
I've been other places in my mind lately - a lot has been going on around here!
And I was pretty much failing as far as party planning! Luckily, my dear friend Courtney stepped in and saved the day with her oreo cake pops and cake bites for the girls party last week. It was an adorable salon themed party, named after the "French Fry Salon", which was a salon that she had made up a time ago. 

There were 8 little girls, a playlist of tween dance songs, and a loud sound system.
Let's just say we were all ready to go to bed that night! ;)
Thanks SO much, Courtney, for your help with everything!!

On her actual birthDAY, we woke her up at 5:47am exactly. I wanted to also pick her up by her ankles and spank her until she cried, but she's no longer the 9 pound baby she was a decade ago :(
It was snowing that morning, which was exactly what it was doing the morning that she came into this world. (UNfortunately, it cause a huge ice storm with 3 feet of snow this time, but....)

 She went birthday shopping with the grandparents, and then we all met up to eat at Bad Brad's BBQ, which she chose especially for the occasion (much to the liking of her dad and grandad), and came home for cake afterwards.

 We weren't allowed to eat her name, and she decided she couldn't eat any until she opened her presents.
 It was mostly clothes, but she got her Moshi Monsters DS game, which was her #1, and she was happy as a ten year old could be.
Thank you for the cake, Dad & Darla!!
It was (and still is) delicious!

Happy Birthday, sweet emms. 
We love you!

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  1. It's heartbreaking, isn't it, watching our girls as they delicately leave childhood behind? It's delightful, but devastating at the same time. *sigh*


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