Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dancing With Daddy 2013

It's that time of year again!
The daddy/dot dance has once again arrived, leaving me crying for the fact that my daughter is so beautiful (good!), and she looks so grown up (not so good), that she has this special day with her daddy who loves her so very much (good!), and that they don't allow moms to go and annoyingly snap photos ALL night long (not so good...unless you ask the two of them...)
I love seeing hubby all dressed up for the event. It makes me want to marry him all over again!
 The tears are coming...
You know, one day, I'll be sitting here at my computer typing out a blog about a photo just like this one, but my sweet girl will be in a different white dress, and I'll be doing last minute tucks and ties as she joins her husband in wedded bliss.
(Oooooh my gosh!! Please hold while I grab a

My two gorgeous loves...

After they left, Evan & I sat down to some yummy pot stickers and talked about the playground scandals at school. (Did you KNOW that there's a little boy who ate a ROCK off the playground?!? Oh yes. Scandalous!)

Blast from the past time?
Oh yes.
It is time...


Happy Dancing, my dears!
I love you both!

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  1. Ok, when that day comes, the one with the pure white dress....You HAVE to have a picture of the two of them, he has to hold her one his hip one last time. **fine** go get more tissue!

  2. Gosh, thanks for making me cry! Why didn't John hold her for this year's picture?


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