Friday, January 18, 2013


Were you invited to the New Year's Eve Formal Ball? Yeah, neither was I, but Emma, on the other hand...
New Year's Party Dance!
(sing Gang nam Style now...)
Our effergie burning this year consisted of a whole lotta post-it-notes inside this little box.

So long, bad habits and other such things we want to leave with 2012!!

A silly string spray gun! 
We had a couple families that joined us for the event.
One is my ever-so-favorite baby Joseph...who did NOT like the stupid headband he was forced to don for the event.
The other was Bailey & fam, who we have not seen since LAST SUMMER! What a surprise!
(Here you go, mom. you're ONE picture before I start my protest again!!)
I helped baby Ev aim for daddy!

...and we shot off fireworks for the first 15 minutes of 2013

The aftermath the next morning...
(HOW do they DO that?!?!)
...and passed OUT momma & Dobby, with Harley longing for a spot, too.

Happy New Year, everyone!!
May it be the BEST yet!
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  1. What is the burn box?! Are there notes built up from the previous year or something you do on New Year's eve?

    1. We does do them on new years eve. We just wrote a bad habit we wanted to break or a bad memory or choice we made that year on a post-it note and threw them in the box. (The kids even made some for the pets! LOL!). We do this a different way each new years eve. 2012 was the burn box! :)

  2. What a great night :) I love your burn box idea :) soo cute!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Can't believe you used to live closeby :)


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