Monday, December 24, 2012

Up north.

The einsteins had their last day of school friday. It seemed later than everyone else, but we were safe and happy, so we don't mind.
The next day we woke up early early (before the worm even crawled outta its wormy bed) and slowly made our way north to visit family.
We had a yummy Christmas lunch at my in-laws house and got to see our nephews and niece, which was SO much fun, especially for the einsteins. 
It was a perfect day, and they spent a lot of it outside.
 A few hours later, we headed down to visit John's grandpa on his little farm. Or is it a ranch? What's the difference? And for that matter, he got rid of all the animals for now, with feed being so expensive and all, so what would an animal-less farm be called? (Besides the dog, of course).
Well, anyway, he decided to take Emma out on the tractor. 
It's not just any old tractor. 
It's a rite of passage.
John's mom drove it, John drove it, and now she has, too.
And had Evan been a little less exhausted, he would have, too, but it made it all that much more special to Emma to have her own tractor-riding day with Granpappy Joe.

 Whoa! Check out that hunk o' manliness out there!
 Okay, back to the tractor...

 (I know - I took a few kazillion pictures, but it's her GREAT GRANDPA! On a TRACTOR! With his GREAT granddaughter! What were my options there?!)
 The tractor (which I completely fell in love with) is a 1952 Ford. It still has two original tires on it, and he still maintains it and fixes it himself. Can you believe they still sell parts for it?? I guess a lot of people restore them, so it's pretty easy to get the pieces from stores. 
personally, I like it un-restored. :)
 check out this air filter. Just a mason jar to catch the grass and such. 
No big deal.

 In a shed on the farm, he had, hanging on a wire, a catfish head that he caught when he was just 15 years old down in the creek nearby. It's just been hangin around for decades. (Did you get that joke?)
I was fascinated.
And his fence posts along the back property are decorated with its new ancestors.

I seriously fell in love with this place, that we had visited forever, and not thought twice about. But once you get stories and history and legends, it becomes more than just a place. It becomes your ancestry, your past, and your passion.
We left Grandpappy's house and headed up to see his sister, who we almost missed! AGAIN!
But we got to visit with her a nice while before we got back on the road and headed home with 2 sleeping blessings in the back seat, and merry Christmas cheer throughout.

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  1. Love this post! So beautiful. I have to share the tractor with my son. Tractors are his favorite. I was so happy to open my Oklahoma Living and see your sweet Emma. I yelled, "I know her".

    1. Haha! I can't believe you recognized her!! How cool!! You're so awesome!! :)


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