Monday, December 3, 2012

The Christmas Train 2012

So, remember last year when we went to the Christmas Train?? It was a little bit of a mess, yes? So this year, I decided we were going to try again, by golly! Only, when we went to buy tickets, it was SOLD out! WHAT?! Yes!! For the entire year! Booooo!
So when a parent in my class offered me tickets, I just about jumped so high my head got stuck in the ceiling! (True story!)
So Friday afternoon, we headed back to Dry Gulch (this time it was much drier!) to see the Christmas Train once again.

It was much more fabulous, yet still a strong reminder of the reason for Christmas, and we stayed dry, and we got yummy bratwurst and chili, and saw Santa and the misses, and ate candy, and drove home late in a quiet van with children sleeping.
Have you not been to ride the Christmas Train yet? I strongly suggest you do, and get tickets ASAP! :)

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