Monday, December 24, 2012

Just around town...

I love this. On the way to my dad's house, we always pass this fence. It was a little short, so they just stuck an old box spring in there to make it fit.
I actually love this. Gives it a bit of character, no?
(and besides, how would I know where the right turn was without it?!?)
 During a trip downtown to donate some goods, we walked down to the old train tracks.
 Ev was hammering a big ol' nail thingamuhjig into the track. He's so manly. 
 Em was on a hunt for treasure. She found old rail tacks, rusted chain links, and grabbed a couple heart-shaped rocks for the collection.
 Santa was at Chik-fil-a...
 ...and the missus was at the Wondertorium. 
So, basically this post was really all about nothing, but you just come here to see those two adorable children anyway, yes?

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  1. Cute! That looks like the Chik-Fil-a on perkins, no? I live in Stillwater, also a POKES fan. Landed on your blog through your organized mini van! Love it! I love the vibe, and love reading someone's view who lives in the same state! So encouraging!



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