Monday, December 3, 2012


It's finally here!
The einsteins have been (im) patiently waiting the day that the seal gets broken on the new advent calendars, and it had FINALLY arrived!

 Day 2...

 a sled vs. a chain saw. You can see how the gender stereotypes split here...
And did you know Castro Academy now has a junior photography class? Ha! Aren't these the *cutest* things you ever saw?!?

 We had come out to see them both taking pictures of their Littlest Pet Shop toys, so we loaded up and headed out to find some "Good picture spots", as Emma says.

It was the first Sunday of advent yesterday. It was also one of the busiest Sundays EVER, so I really didn't get to do everything i had wanted to do with the kids that evening, but we made it special, still, and I even got the candles this year before they sold out! 
 I don't know why blogger hates me enough that it never puts my pictures in order, but on SATURDAY, the einsteins got to build a toy plane during the Build and Grow event at Lowes. They hadn't been in awhile, so it was pretty darn exciting.

 I had a photo shoot right afterwards and got a couple cute pictures of my own little ones while I was out :)

 And the greatest of all...
(Drumroll, please....)

The many faces of Evan.

Happy December, everyone!
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