Monday, December 10, 2012

December Goings-On and such

Boy, this month is a little bit flying by, no? It's a third of the way gone. And while that means that we are that much closer to Christmas break (and the einsteins being HOME!!), it also means that Christmas is almost here and I'm not sure I'm ready. I feel like there's so many things I want to do first!! Like our movie night with popcorn watching "The Nativity Story" all together in our family snuggies?! And our hot cocoa by the fire singing along with Mitch?! Curses, you flying-by time! Slow down!!
It was a high of 37 today.
And while it was uberly freezing cold...
(opening advents)
 ...just days ago we were outside in shorts and tees in the eveningtime, wearing cones on our heads, because, well, that seems to be what we do around here (remember the rain helmets??), and waiting on hubby to come running by during his half-marathon run that day.
SHORTS and TEES, people!

 Emma and Maria by the tree, just hangin out being gorgeous again. 
I think I have this photo of sorts every year. 
Have his owners come to claim him yet?
I's been two years now...

 Sweet Harley in all his wrinkly, stinky goodness.
 Now here's a broken heart caught on film, that is.
Ev's school called for us to come and get the poor thing. He was in great pain because of his ear.
And when I say great pain, I mean kicking and squirming like a woman in labor. You can't get comfortable, you don't want to be touched, but you want to be touched. you don't want anything but you want something.
It was excruciating for us all.
He screamed and screamed and screamed.
I was able to finally get some Motrin into him just in time to calm the pain by the time we got in to the doctor.

 He already had bronchitis, so we was on an antibiotic. How could this be an ear infection? But it was. So, now, we are on TWO antibiotics and a steroid, and some bits of candy for the poor baby boy that feels so yuck.
By that evening, he was feeling much better, which was great, because it was the night of the Christmas Parade!

 Our friend, Jackson was parked next to us, and they had fun watching together.
(Yes, I am dorky enough to plug in some lights for the parade viewing!)

 Some more advent.
(Don't you LOVE Lego?!?)

 Round 1 of the cards have gone out! Round 2 needs to wait until my tongue is moist again...

 And, we shall end this one on a photo of the two headed monster I found in my kitchen this morning.
No big deal.
Just the cutest monster ever.

What have you been up to? 
Any good parades your way?
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  1. Wow, you got some good shots in there.

    I have never been to the Christmas parade here. I'm told that this year it was more of a car show than parade. That is sad.

    Hope your "run-up-to-Christmas" is filled with joy. =)

    1. We are parade junkies, but I've noticed, too, that there are a lot more cars than anything else. The kids went to Cleveland with their grandad and they said it was almost all fire trucks! I sure do wish we had a Macy's parade here! ;D


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