Monday, December 3, 2012


My baby is sick today.
He stayed home, so I did, too.
He has bronchitis, they say.
He must rest!
But it was so nice out today!!
We must go out!
So i put my 4 year old baby into a stroller.
And walked him around the block.
And he thought it was silly and fun.
And I missed this so much.
The little feet swinging above the pavement
The squeals from a surprise tilt back
a Little voice singing about leaves and wind
I cant believe hes so big now.
(and almost a half)
He's napping now.
Sweet little sick boy.
Get better soon!
i love you.

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  1. I'm so sorry he's not feeling well. Hope he gets the rest he needs.

    I'm not sorry that I can get to your blog again. I kept getting a message that it was private and then it did not show in my feed anymore.

    Glad I can catch up. ;)

    1. JOAN! I was so worried that happened when I stopped hearing from you! I don't know why, when I went back to privte, it blocked out all the people who are "members". It's so frustrating!! Believe it or not, YOU were the reason I opened it back up!!Happy to hear from you again, dear friend! I hope you are feeling well!


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