Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween...kind of...

I kinda a little bit failed this Halloween, as far as a photog mom goes...(even moreso as an asian photog mom!), because I got very few photos. That being said, we had a jam-packed day of treats and treats and more treats!
The einsteins had their classroom parties in the afternoon, and let me tell you, it's a lot of exercise running from room to room to balance the parties of two kiddos, one upstairs and  one an airport terminal away! (Especially when you leave your purse at one, and then the other, and then again...)
After school, the van became the changing room as they slipped on costumes for the annual Halloween party at hubby's work. Evan had gone to school as a baker for nursery rhyme day (think three men in a tub...), and so he really just needed to re-clothe while em slipped on her bipolar costume. This day, I'm going to go with the white as her real personality...
 They had bags full of candies and toys by the time they left (and those engineers, I tell you - they all give the good stuff! Snickers, Goodbars, Heath bars...hold my grumbling belly back!)
 A quick stop before trick-or-treating was to "boo" our neighbor. This year it was our favorite baby of the 'hood - Joseph! A bucket full of Halloween rattles and teethers, a doorbell ring, and a fast running Em...
 We had a couple friends over to help rid the neighborhood of their candy, and they all looked hauntingly adorable...(except that creepy guy i forced them all to stand by down the street...)
Hope you all had a safe, wonderful halloween!

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  1. Joseph loved his "boo" bucket! He still plays with the ghost almost daily.


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