Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Day We Went Looking For Fall

It wasn't hot, but it wasn't cold, and we were just a-playin' in the yard...
 ...when Em decided we had better go look for fall. And me and Ev looked at each other, and shrugged our shoulders, and aggreed, that yes, we should.
And so we went.

Some we found right there in the front yard!

Others, we found in the back.

 We even built a bridge over the (now dry) creek behind our fence.

 When we returned home again, the einsteins had loaded bags of fall treasures, and new antennae.
(Who needs Mickey Mouse ears when you can have THESE babies!?!)

 Everything is so pretty right now, don't you think?
Sometimes I wish I were still a child living in the smokey mountains and I could see the mountains change and the streams become ice cold, and the monarchs migrate.
But most of the time,
I'm happy right here, watching the trees change colors, and the wind blow the leaves down like confetti, and holding hands with my best friend on a cool evening watching our little antennae-clad babies try to catch them all.

We found you, fall!!
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