Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It might be the cool fall weather.
It might be a quiet night in bed when it all feels too...normal.
It might just be one of those moments that I feel him here with me, no reason at all.

I often think that when my mind slips to this little lost boy of ours, that he is snuggled up next to me in a world I cannot see, visiting from his majestic home among the heavens. That I can sense him here because we were one together for so long. Linked physically and mentally and every way in between. I feel him.

And would I be crazy to ask how your day was? Who you played with today? And will you tell grandpa I miss him when you return? My heart aches to hold your little hand again. To kiss those sweet lips, to hold you so tight in my arms that death itself couldn't take you again from us.

I miss you, sweet Eli.
I do.

Now run home before you are late to pour rain.
And light the stars.
And all the other important jobs your siblings have given you.

I'm with you always, and you with me.
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  1. My dad died suddenly when I was 11.

    I have days like that, too.

    It's not crazy at all. He misses you, too, I'm sure.


  2. I happened across your blog just this evening and read this post after reading the synopsis of your family's life, love & loss. Deeply inspired by your resolve, your faith & your outlook on life. Thank you for sharing such private sentiments with us. My heart aches for you, as a woman and as a fellow mommy. Keep fighting the good fight and recognizing & reveling in the many blessings you have been given. I look forward to checking back in for more inspiration. Peace, Health & Happiness to you and yours. Fondly, Megan Patrick


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