Sunday, October 21, 2012


You remember I told you that I was starting to run? Well, I managed to successfully go from couch to 5K literally ON THE DAY of my first race, the Zombie Bolt 5K in Guthrie.
So, as we geared up for the freezing weather, I was a little nervous because 
#1. I hadn't run 5K yet. Nope, this was to be my first. 
#2. There were zombies here for the chase, but that didn't scare me. What scared me were the two scary a$$ clowns!! Heidi does not do clowns. At all. Ever. Period. And I was NOT about to get hear them.
So, while hubby & I were bundled up in our winter running gear - including some sweet leg warmers that Court sewed up for me the night before out of knee socks and an awesome new Under Armor top that my velcro belt destroyed before the race ended. (snif snif) - big brother and Em were waiting patiently as the makeup artists turned their gorgeous faces into horrible zombified remains of the loved ones I dropped off beforehand.

 He even put some nasty brown stuff on her teeth that made her look rotten to the core!

 You realize that we HAD to take this opportunity to tak ea thriller photo!
And, although no one would probably admit it, we were frantically trying to learn the dance on our drive there in case there was a flash mob awaiting us...)

There are no photos of hubby & I running except online, and I couldn't bring myself to pay almost $20 for a photo of me with my "I'm-almost-dead" look proudly displayed, BUT you should be VERY proud of me, because it was my first 5K, and...
#1 - I ran the entire 5K without stopping
#2 - I finished in the top half!

RIGHT?!? So if I can do it, you can do it, too.

And THEN, I did it again, this time with Emma running as well.
 It was a race closer to home - the Eskimo Joe's Juke Joint Jog. It was actually pouring rain and lightning was striking all around, but they decided the race would go on as planned, so we ran.
 Evan stayed with Grammie (and actually took a nap) while we ran.
Our whole crew:

 Again, no pictures of us running, though my mom got a couple videos, but by the end, the rain had stopped and it was time for the winners to be awarded their medals.
Emma won fourth place!
Her very first 5K, and she not only beat her momma, but she won a medal!
(Can you GUESS how proud her parents were?!?!)
 Stan Clark (Eskimo Joe founder) & Ems.

 Handsome hubby won 4th in his division, too, AND won a medal in the Clydesdale division.
 And big brother won 5th in his division, and was the fastest of us all!
 Ev immediately claimed one of Daddys.
 CONGRATULATIONS to my favorite runners!!
We make a GREAT running team, yes?

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