Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pre-K Pumpkin Patch

Evan's class had their pumpkin patch at school last week, so Grammie & I headed down to help out and watch.
 They had several "stations" set up for the kids to travel to. This one was a race that consisted of putting a scarecrow outfit on and running a course. His team was helping hold his hat on his head while he put gloves on. He did great, but it wasn't all that interesting to him.

 The next station was a race with a pumpkin on a spoon. He ACED this one.
 Pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern was one of his favorites, and it was definately one of my favorite to watch!
 The bean bag toss was a breeze.
 ...and at the end was a reading & snack station with one of my favorites, Where the Wild Things Are.
 A class picture...
 Evan, THANK YOU so much for letting Grammie & I come and play at the pumpkin patch with you and your friends! We had SO much fun, and talked about it ALL day afterwards! :)
We love you, little boy!

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