Sunday, October 21, 2012

Homecoming Week!!

This was a big week for the Castro clan. It's OSU homecoming week, which means that the town turns even more orange than usual, the atmosphere is PUMPED up with Cowboy spirit, and we had NO SCHOOL for THREE days!! Woo hoooooo!
The annual harvest carnival was Tuesday night. Emma had her friend, Maleah over, so they all dressed up and hopped in the car.
 There were two witches and one pistol pete.
That is, until.....
 (omigosh, isnt that the cutest?!?)

The carnival games were fun and free, and they earned candy at each stop.
 Evan got his name on the fastest racer board at this game!
(Apparently he beat out another Evan!)
 You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

 The next couple nights we decided to stay home and roast marshallows and play LEGOs and start a fire during the chilly weather. But on Friday night, we had to venture out for the Walk-Around on campus.
 Evan even got a new haircut!

 Our friend, Doug, is the director of the OSU marching band, so we got to see him in action for a little while and the kids sang the alma mater hymn with them before they called it a day.
 Get ready for some uber cuteness here, folks...
...and Em & Isabel, looking gorgeous as usual. :) 

Bright and early Saturday morning...well, it was early, maybe not so bright...we headed off to our usual spot at the Sea of Orange Homecoming Parade!
 This was the first year that they did a balloon release at the start of the parade. Had we been listening to the radio commentary, we would have know the reason, but I'm assuming it was for all the fallen cowboys we've lost.
My kids, however, were delighted that their brother was going to be receiving a million OSU balloons that morning :)

The parade was wonderful, the game was even better (winning!), and the memories were the BEST!
Happy Homecoming, everyone!
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