Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I love this.

Sometimes it is in the most unlikely of people that we find special bonds. I read this post today and it made me smile for a good fifteen minutes.

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The Day We Went Looking For Fall

It wasn't hot, but it wasn't cold, and we were just a-playin' in the yard...
 ...when Em decided we had better go look for fall. And me and Ev looked at each other, and shrugged our shoulders, and aggreed, that yes, we should.
And so we went.

Some we found right there in the front yard!

Others, we found in the back.

 We even built a bridge over the (now dry) creek behind our fence.

 When we returned home again, the einsteins had loaded bags of fall treasures, and new antennae.
(Who needs Mickey Mouse ears when you can have THESE babies!?!)

 Everything is so pretty right now, don't you think?
Sometimes I wish I were still a child living in the smokey mountains and I could see the mountains change and the streams become ice cold, and the monarchs migrate.
But most of the time,
I'm happy right here, watching the trees change colors, and the wind blow the leaves down like confetti, and holding hands with my best friend on a cool evening watching our little antennae-clad babies try to catch them all.

We found you, fall!!
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Homecoming Week!!

This was a big week for the Castro clan. It's OSU homecoming week, which means that the town turns even more orange than usual, the atmosphere is PUMPED up with Cowboy spirit, and we had NO SCHOOL for THREE days!! Woo hoooooo!
The annual harvest carnival was Tuesday night. Emma had her friend, Maleah over, so they all dressed up and hopped in the car.
 There were two witches and one pistol pete.
That is, until.....
 (omigosh, isnt that the cutest?!?)

The carnival games were fun and free, and they earned candy at each stop.
 Evan got his name on the fastest racer board at this game!
(Apparently he beat out another Evan!)
 You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

 The next couple nights we decided to stay home and roast marshallows and play LEGOs and start a fire during the chilly weather. But on Friday night, we had to venture out for the Walk-Around on campus.
 Evan even got a new haircut!

 Our friend, Doug, is the director of the OSU marching band, so we got to see him in action for a little while and the kids sang the alma mater hymn with them before they called it a day.
 Get ready for some uber cuteness here, folks...
...and Em & Isabel, looking gorgeous as usual. :) 

Bright and early Saturday morning...well, it was early, maybe not so bright...we headed off to our usual spot at the Sea of Orange Homecoming Parade!
 This was the first year that they did a balloon release at the start of the parade. Had we been listening to the radio commentary, we would have know the reason, but I'm assuming it was for all the fallen cowboys we've lost.
My kids, however, were delighted that their brother was going to be receiving a million OSU balloons that morning :)

The parade was wonderful, the game was even better (winning!), and the memories were the BEST!
Happy Homecoming, everyone!
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Pre-K Pumpkin Patch

Evan's class had their pumpkin patch at school last week, so Grammie & I headed down to help out and watch.
 They had several "stations" set up for the kids to travel to. This one was a race that consisted of putting a scarecrow outfit on and running a course. His team was helping hold his hat on his head while he put gloves on. He did great, but it wasn't all that interesting to him.

 The next station was a race with a pumpkin on a spoon. He ACED this one.
 Pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern was one of his favorites, and it was definately one of my favorite to watch!
 The bean bag toss was a breeze.
 ...and at the end was a reading & snack station with one of my favorites, Where the Wild Things Are.
 A class picture...
 Evan, THANK YOU so much for letting Grammie & I come and play at the pumpkin patch with you and your friends! We had SO much fun, and talked about it ALL day afterwards! :)
We love you, little boy!

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You remember I told you that I was starting to run? Well, I managed to successfully go from couch to 5K literally ON THE DAY of my first race, the Zombie Bolt 5K in Guthrie.
So, as we geared up for the freezing weather, I was a little nervous because 
#1. I hadn't run 5K yet. Nope, this was to be my first. 
#2. There were zombies here for the chase, but that didn't scare me. What scared me were the two scary a$$ clowns!! Heidi does not do clowns. At all. Ever. Period. And I was NOT about to get hear them.
So, while hubby & I were bundled up in our winter running gear - including some sweet leg warmers that Court sewed up for me the night before out of knee socks and an awesome new Under Armor top that my velcro belt destroyed before the race ended. (snif snif) - big brother and Em were waiting patiently as the makeup artists turned their gorgeous faces into horrible zombified remains of the loved ones I dropped off beforehand.

 He even put some nasty brown stuff on her teeth that made her look rotten to the core!

 You realize that we HAD to take this opportunity to tak ea thriller photo!
And, although no one would probably admit it, we were frantically trying to learn the dance on our drive there in case there was a flash mob awaiting us...)

There are no photos of hubby & I running except online, and I couldn't bring myself to pay almost $20 for a photo of me with my "I'm-almost-dead" look proudly displayed, BUT you should be VERY proud of me, because it was my first 5K, and...
#1 - I ran the entire 5K without stopping
#2 - I finished in the top half!

RIGHT?!? So if I can do it, you can do it, too.

And THEN, I did it again, this time with Emma running as well.
 It was a race closer to home - the Eskimo Joe's Juke Joint Jog. It was actually pouring rain and lightning was striking all around, but they decided the race would go on as planned, so we ran.
 Evan stayed with Grammie (and actually took a nap) while we ran.
Our whole crew:

 Again, no pictures of us running, though my mom got a couple videos, but by the end, the rain had stopped and it was time for the winners to be awarded their medals.
Emma won fourth place!
Her very first 5K, and she not only beat her momma, but she won a medal!
(Can you GUESS how proud her parents were?!?!)
 Stan Clark (Eskimo Joe founder) & Ems.

 Handsome hubby won 4th in his division, too, AND won a medal in the Clydesdale division.
 And big brother won 5th in his division, and was the fastest of us all!
 Ev immediately claimed one of Daddys.
 CONGRATULATIONS to my favorite runners!!
We make a GREAT running team, yes?

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