Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kisses on the wind

When back to school time comes around, I always wonder what grand new ideas and histories that my kids will venture into that year. What teacher will they get? Will that teacher love them as much as I do? Teach them as much as I do? Challenge their growing minds to ever chase information and education?
But this year, it was a little different.
I did my wondering. My worrying. My constant jittery prayers.
It was textbook Heidi, really.
But then I also realized that little Eli would be starting first grade this year. FIRST. And although I was saddened at the thought that, once again, I wouldn't be walking him into school on that first day with his brother and sister, I was also full of joyous thoughts.
I wasn't worried about his teacher. He is learning math & science from Einstein, Music from Beethoven & Bach (and Jim Morrison, mom! Jim Morrison!). He studies history with those who have lived it, he reads books in every language in this world and beyond, and he is walked to school every.
 by people who love him just as much as I do. And they give him hugs and kisses just as much as I would, and they hold him close for just one more "I love you" just like I would. He is in a constant joyful place that I only can imagine.
And I am happy.
So as we celebrated our son's 6th birthday with his big sister and little brother,
Hands clasped tightly to the messages carefully witten, for the right moment,
I whispered a prayer of thanksgiving to all those above,
for another wonderful school year,
for our little angel.



Happy Birthday, sweet boy.
We love you SO mcuh!
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  1. I bet he was watching from on high, seeing his earthly family looking up to where he stood by the doorway to Paradise, and saw the colorful balloons sent on the wings of wishes & prayers, rising higher & higher until he could reach out and grasp them-- hug them and hold them, reading all the love inscribed... <3

  2. Happy birthday, sweet Eli! I look forward to meeting you someday!

  3. What a sweet post. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine!

    I was reading an old post of yours, and you mentioned going to an OSU game. So I thought, hmm, Ok State or Ohio State? I kept reading and saw you live in OK. Then I started browsing though your recent posts and my jaw dropped! I used to live in the house next door to you! Ha! It's in the background of the picture with your son and the balloon. I don't know if you lived there yet or not (I sold it in 2008, but I think you had just moved in a few months before I left). Anyway, small world! Now I live in Ohio, but home still feels like Oklahoma :)

  4. Oh, and now I do remember meeting you before I moved! My dog's name is Emma, just like your daughter :)

    1. Yeah! I remember you! Nick's sister, right? It was so funny, the people who moved in after you have a dog named "emmie"! I think you moved while I was pregnant with Evan still!


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