Friday, September 28, 2012

Alabaster Caverns (Weekend Getaway, Day 2!)

On our second day of the weekend away was a short drive to Alabaster Caverns, where we got to go through living caves!
The drive was really foggy - in fact, we had passed a pretty bad wreck between a semi and an SUV, and didn't even see it until we were almost on top of it! Scary stuff!
 The kids were excited and curious at the same time about the cave. Evan's not big into dark places. He's definitely my night light kid, so I was trying to avoid any "dark" comments along the way.

 Before our tour departed, we walked around the welcome center. The good thing was, our tour group would be next. The bad news was that the electricity had gone out.
Our tour would be in PITCH BLACK with only a few flashlights.
Oh. Kay.
(Totally didn't mention that to Ev...)

 Finally, it was our turn! We walked down some steep stairs down to the cave, at which point, Evan stopped and refused to go farther.

 Eventually, daddy got him to wander in a little further, and he started to be a little more brave.
 He was all smiles within a few minutes, after I mentioned that Bat Man lives in a cave...
psh. Boys.

 A beyond flattering photo of me...

 Here it is, folks!
The self portrait!
 The last third of the cave had working lights 
so we moved a little faster and I was a little less scared of homeless people grabbing my heels.
(I have no idea. It was a worry...)

 Go to the light! Go to the LIGHT!
 And we boarded the tram that would take us back to the surface...
THANK YOU for taking us, Paupau & Papa Lee! We had a WONDERFUL weekend, and we needed it very much so. God has blessed us with wonderful friends like you!

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  1. I love caves, but I have never been to Alabaster. It is now on my list!

    The "batty" pictures of the kids at the beginning are so cute!


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