Monday, September 10, 2012

A First...

So, I unpack the little guy's backpack and realize that he hadn't eaten his lunch.
Not a bit.
Like, the CapriSun was still sealed and the whole bit.
And I'm all...uhhhh, Hey Ev! Why didn't you eat your lunch today?!
(That I lovingly made, packed, and sealed with a kiss!!)
And he said...
Mommy! I had school lunch today! A triangle sandwhich, tomato sauce, applesauce, and white milk!
 And I'm all...
You ate school lunch today?! That's...GREAT! That's so great that you got your tray and picked your food and carried it all the way to your seat all by your little 4 year old self! You're SOOO big!!
 (trying to look super duper happy & proud)
and then he wandered off, and I'm all...
WHAT?!?! He ate SCHOOL LUNCH?!?! For the FIRST TIME?!?! And I WASN'T THERE to take pictures and wave my mommy pom poms and walk beside him with my arms out like those people under the uneven bars on the olympics that catch the gals that fall, only just there to catch the triangle sandwhich, should it tip and plunder to the floor...
 And then I get all...
because I'm super proud of my baby boy because he's so grown up.
It's tough to grow up.
But it's even tougher to be that growin up's momma, when it's your last little chick and he eats his first school lunch and you miss it.
You did GREAT!!! little one!
And I am SOOO proud of you!!
Congratulations on your FIRST EVER school lunch!!!
I love you, Peanut.
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  1. So funny as the first thing I do every day is check my 5y/o lunch box to see what she ate

  2. And he had good choices! My kids get a packed lunch because I have one that can't eat most processed foods so it is just easier to pack for all three that are in school right now. BTW love your Blog!

  3. I just wanted to say that I stumbled across your blog last night and stayed up waaayyy too late reading it! You and your family are so stinkin' cute, you have a new reader :)


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