Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's go time....

I know this is going to sound rediculous. So Im just warning you ahead of time, in case you feel like you don't reeeaaally want to roll your eyes today, you can move on. Fine print over.

I hear a lot about "fat kids" being bullied in school, and I have to say, I agree. I witnessed it for myself with some of my very best friends, but I also know another side of the bullying scale.
 The skinny kid.
(dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuunnnn)
I was constantly teased for being the skinny kid! Constant, I say! Constant!
Now, before you start in with the whole "oh, POOOOOOOOR skinny girl got teeeeeased" routine that I usually hear, listen up! I wasn't just skinny...I was WAIF! There are a few genes I got from my Japanese half, and the lack of fat cells was one.
 In elementary school, I was carried around CONSTANTLY because I was so small that everyone could do it. In middle school people would put their fingers around my wrists and laugh at how tiny they were. But in Jr High, it started getting worse. I guess that's when girls start reading the tabloids and learn what eating disorders are, because from that point on, I was continually plagued with questions about anorexia and bulemia (which I had NO clue WHAT they were talking about until I asked my parents one day!). I hated being seen that way. I tried to hold my bathroom goings-on until I went home after school so that people wouldn't whisper as I walked past that I was going to go throw my lunch up, or other things that hurt a fragile teen's self esteem. This would continue on into high school when it was further fuelled by having no chest, not being able to find "cool" clothes that actually fit, while watching all my friends blossom into beautiful young women. It sucked. Bad.
So now that you have the back story, I have to tell you that being skinny is what led me to be lazy.
Yes. It did. I wasn't about to exercise in fear that I should lose weight, and when you don't know much about exercise other than that is what people do to lose weight, you avoid it like the plague.
It was about 10 years ago that I came to the realization that being in shape wasn't the same thing as being skinny, and that I should probably start getting fit.
But then the babies started coming, which always throws you off quite a bit. Now don't get me wrong - I still did maternity yoga, played tennis, went on walks, and hey...does chasing a toddler all over the great state of California count as exercise?? I exercised intermittantly. Now that my baby-havin days are behind me, I've taken zumba and kick-boxing (SO fun, but the amoebas in the gloves creeped me out too much), and had fun, but I wished I coulda done it at home. For free.

(lazy AND cheap! Sorry, men, I'm already taken...) ;)

After hubby's cancer diagnosis, he started running.
A lot.
He ran his first 5k and kept going.
A mini Forrest Gump, if you will.
And in the 110 degree summers we have here, I wasn't about to join him.
Last night as we finished our walk, he and my dear friend decided that we were going to start the "couch to 5k" program. And by "we", it meant get-Heidi-off-her-@ss-and-running-with-the-rest-of-us-who-already-RUN-a-5k program. So although my laziness is fighting me with all its' might, the comapny will be good, and it's free, and I'm really not that waif little girl in high school anymore, and it will set a good example for my einsteins, and I get to race hubby one day for the gold! :)

So we start tonight.
Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Yay you!!! I'm doing c25k too. The "Hot Mama's" run is in Edmond at the end of September, and Oct. 6 they are having a Zombie 5k in Guthrie. I'm going to try to do both.

    1. That zombie one sounds SO fun!! I wonder if I'll be ready by then... Hmmmm

  2. That is so exciting!! I've been trying really (really REALLY) hard to like running since about January of this year. I ran my first 5k in June, but have majorly backslidden since then! I have to run for the same reason as you (to get healthy & fit), but I came from the opposite path. I was the fat kid that was mocked and berated, but I still feel your pain! When you were avoiding the bathroom at school, I was avoiding eating! People picked you up and people expected me to pick them up (because apparently fat is supposed to equal strong?!). I lived in baggy shorts and massive t-shirts, never getting anywhere near "cool" clothes. Different road, same battle!

    You are going to totally rock the 5k! Show the road who's boss!

  3. I have to tell you, this post hit home for me! I've always been "the skinny girl". People around me always made comments about not having to worry about what I ate, "It's easy to find clothes for skinny people!", 'Why are you eating an apple? Gosh, you're not trying to lose weight are you?!", I was even at a conference once and the director of Pharmacy say "Do you eat? Or do you just photosynthesize?", when I went to have blood drawn a woman made a HUGE stink about how thin I was and of course everyone had to come 'look'.
    But when I gripe about it, my family and friends play it off like "Oh woe is me said the skinny girl!" I don't think people realize that no matter the size, it's inappropriate to make comments about someones weight.

  4. My daughter is also very petite. In colege trying to stay above 100,LOL goal is 102 lbs. She comes home for breaks and yells at the wii as it tells her she has lost 4 lbs not gained the 2 that were her goal. She also told me about being teased at school and of having an eating disorder as she was the only one at the table with food at lunch.I have tried to show her that she is blessed with a great genetic strong muscular structure. Kid can do pullups climb a rope/tree and run like crazy. Having to get your sunglasses/hats and designer jeans(21inch waist) in the kids section is a small price.

  5. I had the same thing happen to me growing up. Everyone would tease me with my "chicken legs" and I had the wrist thing. Guys would always pick me up & say things like be careful don't break her. I was always upset over it and self conscious. Doctors would always talk to my mom about me being anorexic. Even when I was pregnant, the dr pulled in my husband and told him please just take her to McDonalds and buy her some fries. When I would try to talk about it, everyone just said oh poor you. Glad to hear I wasn't alone. Well not glad, since others suffered, but you know!


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