Monday, July 2, 2012

This Day in History Vol. July, Issue 2012

I'm sure where you might be reading this from in this big ol' world of ours, but in our little piece of home, summer has reared it's hot head, and we're drenched in sweat and pool water daily! BUT, as much as the humidity boils my hide, I have to remember that a year ago today, it was MUCH hotter, and MUCH muggier, and MUCH more stressful, so as I mumble a much deserved prayer in thanksgiving, I send you along our monthly stats...

Can you believe that it's been a whole year since I snapped this photo of my best friend, smiling through the misery and pain? What am I complaining about that the weather was hot?! My poor hubby lay there with tubes and needles providing the comings and goings of medicine like long stretches of winding highways to and from this lovely planet God created for him. and me. and the einsteins... and that stupid ol' cancer.
 Meanwhile, the kids and I wandered down to hubby's comapny picnic. I wondered many times that day if people wondered where the company piece was that day, while his children played in the water. They never said a word, except his office mate, whose family gathered us into their arms and hearts and welcomed us into their little piece of shaded grass on the field that hot day.
I didn't want to be there. I wanted to be back there in that tiny hospital room, all curled up with the love of my life.
But I had made it a point that life was going to carry on as close to normal for these kids, whose daddy was so sick. And so I went. And they had fun. And I was happy.

Two years ago today seems forever ago. It's amazing what a difference a year (and a diagnosis) makes. On this day, I took Evan to the splash pad. This little boy of mine, oh how he loathes water on his face. And to take him to the splash pad! well, that was downright rediculous, I know! But sometimes exposure is the best way to overcome fears, and I thought maybe if he watched enough kids face down in the sprays of water that came rushing up from the ground, he just might decide to test it out.
He did not.
Nuh. Uh.
But this sweet child o' mine inherited a gene different from the waterbaby gene his sister got. He got my absolute adoration of frogs.
And OH did we have the grandest afternoon that day catching little frogs in a bucket and watching them until the sun set in the trees, and mommy frog called her froglets home for supper, and mommy einstein ushered her little froglet into the car for a long ride home, which he wouldn't know, because he was fast asleep long before we reached the highway north.

Baby einstein was just shy of a year old on this day 3 years ago.
He was adorable and sweet, even covered in sweet potato goo.
(and was that not the CUTEST high chair, EVER?!?)

This day 4 years ago I weighed a lot more than I do today.
And I attended my very first baby shower for ME! (Long story.)
I knew when he was coming. It kinda ruined the surprise, but it was kinda nice, too.
My friend, Susan made this cake by hand that morning. An amazing feat in itself, but she also did it while homeschooling 4 children under 6, so I have to say, her supermom cape was a little more sparkly than mine...
 And i SO wasn't lying when I said I weighed a lot more - I think most of it was in my face! ;)

I often think of the story of my life and how many chapters it would have. I never really come to any logical conclusion, but this was the start of a new one.
We has JUST moved back to the city we now call home. We were leaving a great job with a greater salary, wonderful friends, and the warm sand of the California beaches, but we were happy to. We were moving closer to the family we loved, to comfort, to unconditional love.
It was a stormy summer, and that whole week we had flash floods roaring their way through the streets and fields. I had missed warm rains of the plains. And thunder. And lightning.
We just didn't get that in Cali.
So we played in that rain water, Emma and me. While everyone hid inside under blankets and computer screen glares, we were outside, jumping for joy and happiness that God had sent this rain to give us happiness and hope and reassurance that we had done well with this choice.
And He was right.

I cry when I see these pictures. We look so happy. And we were.
But in a month, our world would crash down on us, and everything would be dark and cold.
I wish i could see the happiness in my face, as we drove down route 66 to visit Oklahoma for the summer, but all i can see now is naievity. It's like watching a movie you've played over and over again, always screaming at the screen, begging the character not to run downstairs, lest the murderer grabs you from behind the door. It doesn't matter how many times you've seen it, you want the story to change, to be different, to be happier, but as we all know, the movie never changes.
And she runs down the stairs, and the crazy guy gets her.
And we are happy, and tradgety will soon wipe that smile off these naieve faces that never thought even for a second that they would bury a son at 28 years old, lose a brother at 3, or survive an experience such as that.

This little girl of mine, oh how I miss her! The simplicity of life back then was so grand! How did we get to NINE years old ALREADY?!?  Come on, my sweet little girl, grab your baby sara and her shopping cart and let's grab some cheese sticks and spaghetti!
Oh please, please?
But time has been still good to us, hasn't it? After all, we've got a real baby brother to push around now, and he loves his cheese sticks and spaghetti, too!
 and who could forget your very first mani!?!
The nail gals sure did fall in love with you every time we went. I was always only half way through my time in the chair when you would run up to me proudly sporting the newest favorite color of the week, complete with designs and colorful sparkles.
You were the original Suri, my dear. I'm afraid it's true...minus the whole scientology thing, that is...

A year old, and already you had weirdos photo bombing your photos!! What's up with THAT guy?!?
 Look at these two! Aren't they the cutest?!? Little sidekick Niecey was always the little sister she never had. ;)
(Oh! And I TOTALLY rocked matching shorts, just in case you thought I was left out... HA!)

And all the years before that are either securly tucked into memory banks elsewhere or on film (what?), yes folks, FILM that lies in boxes in the attic, or some other wonderful place that I'm sure film pictures should absolutely not be kept.
But i can assure you, they all have a memory, and i can also assure you that I am thankful for

and every


Happy july, friends!
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  1. Thank you for sharing your memories... all of them. I can't wait to see what your future July 1st's hold.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful trip! Thank for you for the honesty, humor, and beauty!

  3. Heidi! I didn't know you were a blogger!! I'm going to have to follow you! And to find your most famous of blog pins on friends from high school Pinterest boards!


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