Saturday, July 28, 2012

The End of the 3rd

I knew it was going to be hard. After all, it's hard for all moms, so it's that - tenfold - for me. I'm a mushy momma and there's nothing anyone (including me!) can do about it!
But yesterday, as I laid my head down on my pillow, I was SO exhausted over crying all day that I cried a little more and finally fell asleep. You see, it happens every year now that Evan has arrived. He's my last, and that makes him the LAST. The last diaper, the last bottle, the last tooth, the last size 10 shoe, the last stroller, carseat, tantrum, snuggle, shopping cart ride, kiss before bed, LAST.
And although I still managed to cry over every "last" with Em, there was a little hope knowing that although this WAS indedd the last whatever with Emmie, there would come another einstein that would slowly fill that spot, dust it off for awhile and then leave it empty forever more.
So yesterday was the day of the last three year old einstein ever.
I cried when I went in to wake him up. It was the last time I'd ever wake up my three year old.
I cried when I dressed him. It was the last time I'd dress my 3 year old.
I cried at the last breakfast, the last morning breath, the last good morning hug.
And then it was off to the city for our annual Toys R Us Birthday visit.
Now, among the tears, lets go back, shall we, and look at these cute little squishy cheeks in years past...


AND, since I can't find the first birthday at TRU, here's his cute wittle centerpiece from his big ONE!

Oh my, do you need a tissue?!
Oh, it's just me?

Okay, well then, back to the last day of 3...

So after our birthday trip, we stopped by Pops on the way home because Niecey had never been, and you can always find a good excuse to go to Pops (like the last day EVER that I'll have a 3 year old to take to Pops...)
The einsteins don't get caffiene. They just don't.
In fact, Emma just starting being able to drink soda a couple years ago.
Evan had a taste once, but the bubbles weren't his favorite thing, which is good for me, so for the last time ever, I bought my 3 year old his green Bug Juice. (And embarassed the kids with wearing sunglasses inside after I cried...again.)
The girls decided on Orange and root beer.
I decided to try a pumpkin pie soda, but it wasn't cold, so i have yet to taste test.
But wouldnt it be wonderful to drink a pumpkin pie?
Ummm, yes please!

So on the way home we dodged some more fires that are burning all around the country.
(Random, i know. But it WAS, after all, the LAST fire I would see while i was the mom of a three year old!)
And just before he went off to bed, I snapped one.
Of my three year old baby.
Goodbye, sweet little one!
For tomorrow brings me a new four year old boy with some VERY big shoes to fill.
But he will never be the little one that stays home with mommy all day while big sister and daddy are working hard all day.
But he will be strong, and brave, and ready for many, many new adventures that this magical fourth year will bring.
And I will miss you.
But I will love him just as much.
Perhaps you can stay there for a little while, and when he sleeps I'll see you there, in that silence and dark, my sweet baby boy, once again.

Oh, please stop growing up, silly little boy!
Mommy is DEEEEE-hydrated!!!

Happy birthday, peanut.
We love you!
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  1. Happy birthday to big four year old! It does get easier.

    My girls are 13 and 16 and it's just been in the last few year that they get pop. And only when we go out or if it's left over from a party or gathering. They like water and chocolate milk better.

  2. This was one of the sweetest posts I have ever been privileged to stumble upon in blog land. Your love for your kids truly shines through!!! Happy Late Birthday to your big boy!!


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