Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roadtrip 2012 - Las Vegas

After a breif flash mob to "That's What You Get For Waking Up In Vegas" by Katy Perry in our apartment, we sent daddy off to the land of UFC Fanfest and the kids and I packed our snacks and water for a day on the strip.
Our first stop was to see the lions at the MGM again, but aparently they have left the building with Elvis, because they were GONE. The whole enclosure and everything! It was a bit sad, but we're hoping they'll be back again by our next visit. SO instead, we headed to the Rainforest Cafe to watch Nemo and Dory and overpay for hand held fans and such.
 And then it was back out in the hot Nevada sun.
 We saw Red, but we didn't go inside, even though this is the ONE place that the kids look forward to most. We wanted to wait for daddy to join us, and that we did, much to their dismay.
 It didn't take long in the 108 degree heat for the kids to be ready for food, water, and air conditioning, and who am I kidding? I was too. So we slowly made our way back to the apartment with our red faces, sweaty pits, and the whinyest voices EVER to register on that frequency.
But we made it back, and awaited the moment when daddy came home from fanfest and gave hugs and kisses and took us all the way back to the M&M store (in an air conditioned CAR this time! and with a stroller, for tired little legs).
 And the moment we had all been waiting for arrived.
Evan got to see Kyle Busch's NASCAR.
For real.
In life.
Close up.
And he.

 Emma found her slot machine M&M dispenser and made her way to the raaaaaaainbow waaaallll.
(Did you hear the angels singing as you read that?)
And although we left without any chocolatey goodness because they would be a chocolatey river by the time we made it home, she was happy with her free samples and some more pressed pennies.
 This was our night to eat out, and we decided to head down to Ceasar's Palace to grab a bite to eat, at what would end up being Planet Hollywood.
 Evan has become the funny guy, and i have so many pictures of him making faces like these...
 Em LOVED the statues all throughout.

 We walked back to the car park and rode the giant Coca-Cola bottle elevator up to our floor...
 ...and slept very well that night with our tired legs.
The next morning, after sending daddy off once again to the clutches of UFC FanFest, we headed over to my Grandma Annie's house. She was expecting us when we arrived, and was SO happy to see the great-grandkids!
 She made our requested Mac-and-cheese-with-weenies for lunch.
And we visited and talked all about when Grandad was young and what things were like back in the day. 
 ...and then we drove a few blocks over to the Silverton to see the mermaid tank.

Dancing with the mermaid

Blowing heart-shaped bubbles!
 And fancy that! My fav Bass Pro Shop was attached to the casino, so we meandered over to have a look-see.
Evan used his souvenier money from GGma Annie to buy his first firearm - a pop gun, used to shoot all kinds of dangerous tank-inhabiting creatures.
 When daddy came home from the last night of FanFest, we made a suprise stop at the airport to pick up Niecey! Emma was SO suprised and excited!
So we took them all down to the Fremont Experience before heading back to sleep our last night in Vegas.
(p.s. NOT that great. BUT, we gained another pressed penny for the event, so all-in-all it was okay. ;)
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  1. It looks like you a lot more fun in Vegas than we did when we spent a night there with the girls. That loathed Las Vegas! They did like the M&M store though. =)

  2. Your photos are great. I love Las Vegas. We go 3-5 a year. Our kids (10 and 8) think it's a blast. They especially love the Kid's Quest drop in day-care at The Red Rock ( I am glad they like it, because it's great having a break and getting to gamble, etc in the evening. The red Rock is our favorite. We didn't get to see a mermaid at Silverton...we'll have to go back. Looks like you're having fun!


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