Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roadtrip 2012 - Knott's Berry Farm

On our last day of our trip west, we took my mom to Knott's Berry Farm, another place we used to go when I was small.
 It's kinda the Disneyland for "Peanuts" characters. It was a little more grown up than what I remember from childhood, with its huge roller coasters and such.

 John took a photo with Charlie, who reminds him of his friend, Kyle, but...
 ...he enjoyed the comapny of these two ladies much better.
 Here we go, on the ol' mine train!
 Hubby rode this coaster alone - it was waaaaaaay to wild for me and the girls!
 We rode an old steam train (the park is full of trains!)...
 ...and robbers came to take all our money!
 The best kiddie rides are still here in Camp Snoopy, and we spent most of the day there.

Evan's favorite ride was the "Huff & Puff" - a handcar train. He rode it several, several times! 
(Get that kid into crew!!)

We had such a fun time with Grammie!!
We could have stayed for weeks, but dogs were waiting for us at home, so we headed back to the land of heat and home. 

the end.

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  1. that looks super fun!!! I love the peanuts characters. I never even heard of that place. Have a Blessed week!


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