Saturday, July 14, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - Deep in the heart of Texas

So we awoke last week on a Tuesday before the sun even shone and quietly left on an adventure. The einsteins had slept in their clothes, so carrying them to the car was easy, as long as we balanced bun-bun and blankie atop the sleeping bundles.
And we did.
We were pretty far along when the sun decided to awake, and the einsteins with it.
Happy little buggers, at that, I might add, for waking up in a moving vehicle that they weren't in the night before.
Pop tarts and milk were served by their most wonderful stewardess, and they gobbled it up.
Their table is actually a Really Useful Box from Staples with commercial grade velcro on the bottom (position it right the first time, folks! That stuff STICKS!), and a placemat of the non-slip kind from dollar tree, cut into a rectangle to fit the lid, amking a non-slip surface for the ipods, DS-es, and other such nonsense.
This actually turned out to be the closest we've gotten to seeing all 50 states plates, with only 5 left in the end, and believe it or not, Alaska and Hawaii were NOT in that 5!

Our first stop was once we reached the great state of Texas.
 The fam was ready and wigglin for a bathroom break and a good leg stretchin'.

Not long afterwards, we made our usual pilgrimmage to the largest cross in the hemisphere, sitting in Groom, Texas.

 Always a favorite - and humbling - stop for our family.
And on the way out we got to see a real cowboy roping a calf!
 A few miles down the road, we pulled over to the Cadillac Ranch to once again legally grafitti our wishes all over the cars, to be preserved under layer and layers of paint as the past notes we had written summers before.
 This was a special visit - Evan was old enough to spray his own name this year!

But, this was a new sight...
Which just led us to drive a little faster from the land of beef and stars into...
 New Mexico pretty much looked like this, playing over and over, on a loop.
 It was enough to finally knock the two kiddos out.
(and the car begins to clutter....)
 Me & my bunny, Ogon :)
 I couldn't find a picture online, but these cliffs were the ones in the movie CARS that were made to look like two cars mountains.
(And if you, too, were travelling with huge Cars fans, you'd be impressed as well!)
We had reached our nightly stop once we got to Gallup, the city of trains.
Have you been watching the Golden Corral ad where they go crazy over cotton candy in addition to the cocolate wonderfall?
Apparently, it really IS a big deal.
and so the sun set on our first day of the road trip of 2012.
And we were excited for the days to come...

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  1. I love road trips! We have done the same trip and New Mexico does get a little boring.

  2. i stumbled onto your blog from a dollar store mom thing and have been sitting here ever since reading your story and looking at your pages. I am moved by your story telling through not only your words but the way that you capture your moments. I am a scrapbooker by heart but not as good of a moment catcher in photos. You have inspired me to take more "fun in the moment" pictures of everyday things......Thank you for sharing your family, your talents and your heart for those of us who needed to be reminded that everyday is a treasure and a gift from God.


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