Sunday, July 22, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - Day 3 - Hoover Dam

The morning after July 4th, the casinos were more than happy to accomodate begging of balloons and such, and the Evster was back in his usual green clothing, so the time for red, white, and blue had officially ended, as had our stay in Laughlin.
 We sent the 6th balloon up to baby Eli and headed out towards the Hoover Dam.

 The only really interesting thing on the way there was "Finger Rock". Feast your eyes, folks.
 Sidenote: I'm a total "Roadside Attractions" junkie, and stop at each and every big ball o' yarn-ish sight there is to see.
We made it to the dam a few hours later, where temperatures over 100 waited to greet us. The parking lot closest to the tour center was closed, so we had to park, and walk, across the entire dam before making it to the visitor center.
Since the opening of the big bridge across, the traffic has become MUCH better than in the past, and for that, we were grateful.

 The dam tour was nice, although it wasn't as dark as I would have liked, seeing as how there were actually no workers cemented into the walls or anything such as that. These are the turbines that spin and make the electricity.

 The walk back across the dam was long, hot, and tiring, and made even worse after seeing that they had opened the close parking lot while we were visiting. Boo!
But it was nice to see the dam in all its glory, after learning all our new facts about it. I, however, was still mourning the loss of my pink scissors that were confiscated at the security check point prior to the tour, so Em walked ahead with Anitra while I pouted and took photos.

 We had cooled down by the time we pulled into our home for the next three days, the Desert Rose Resort, which I HIGHLY recommend if you are travelling to LV with kids in tow. It consists of apartments, ours was a 1 bedroom, with a kitchen and dining room, so we were able to make meals at home rather than eat out all day. (Plus, it has free breakfast AND free cocktail hours in the evenings!)

We rested that evening for the big day we had ahead of us.
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